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How does reviewercredits work:

Join our platform to get recognized and rewarded for your valuable and hard work! Upon the completion of a review for a paper or an article, reviewers can claim redeemable credits and generate a Reviewer Index on our website. The Index reflects your activity as a reviewer, hence, your contribution for the advancement of science. You can showcase it in your resume or for grants request. The credits you accumulate will be redeemable for tangible rewards!

For reviewers

Get certified credits for the peer-review you perform and increase your ranking!

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For journals

Attract, motivate and reward your peer reviewers!

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What is ReviewerCredits?

External and independent peer-review of scientific articles is crucial to ensure the scientific validity of papers.

Peer reviewing is a very demanding, effort driven and time consuming undertaking. It requires great professionalism, but it is often under recognized.

For this reason, we are launching a revolutionary platform: This is where the hard work of peer-review will be finally, rewarded! Two friends, MDs, professors and researchers created They personally realized something needed to be done to facilitate the review process. Reviewercredits is completely free and completely independent from publishers. Reviewers from all fields are welcome to join the platform!

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