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Computer Science(all)
Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

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10/2021IndiaDr. Shini RenjithEnglish
07/2021IndiaDr. Shini RenjithEnglish
IET Fine Tune Talks11/2021IndiaDr. Shini RenjithEnglish
10/2021IndiaDr. Shini RenjithEnglish
09/2021IndiaDr. Shini RenjithEnglish
Kaleidoscope IT Talks03/2021IndiaAmbient IntelligenceDr. Shini RenjithEnglish
Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
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Year 2022
"Information Sciences": 1 peer review;
"Automatika": 1 peer review;
"International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making": 1 peer review;

Year 2021
"Information Processing and Management": 3 peer reviews;
"Acta Scientiarum - Technology": 1 peer review;
"IEEE Access": 1 peer review;
"Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science": 1 peer review;
"Connection Science": 3 peer reviews;
"Physics in Medicine and Biology": 1 peer review;
"Journal of Spatial Science": 1 peer review;

Year 2020
"Information Processing and Management": 1 peer review;