Ruth Mujica has degrees in Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering with master’s degrees in software and University Teaching and a specialization in e-learning. Currently, she is a Doctor in Educational Technology and candidate to obtain the title of Doctor in Management. She is the founder and CEO of the Technology-Educational Project DOCENTES 2.0 and chief editor of the Journal Docentes 2.0 and formal Chief Editor of the REVECITEC Journal from Rafael Belloso Chacín University of Venezuela, where she participates in more than 80 peer-review scientific articlesShe has written a little more than 1600 technological-educational articles and 47 Scientific Articles and author of 4 books. Ruth is an international speaker and is recognized as a tenacious, visionary and committed researcher, as she points out that it is pertinent to remember “Education must start in the family, continue in school and consolidate throughout life”.

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