What we offer to Publishers

Discover unparalleled efficiency with Reviewer Credits’ all-in-one solution, meticulously designed for scholarly publishers to control and manage their journals’ peer review processes. Thousands of journal editors worldwide already rely on Reviewer Credits for finding peer reviewers, engaging them, recognising and rewarding their peer reviewers to drive loyalty, prevent publication delays, and significantly increase reviewer retention.

Find and Reward Peer Reviewers

Secure your journals’ peer review performance

Maintain the highest standards of review integrity and quality. Leverage our suite of tools to ensure a fair, unbiased, and thorough review process, contributing to the prestige and credibility of your journals.

  • Centralized Reviewer Management: Seamlessly integrate and manage your entire reviewer pool across all journals. Tap into our diverse global network of certified peer reviewers and track their performance with our innovative Reviewer Graph, ensuring a smooth and efficient peer review process.
  • Reviewer Buy-in System: Foster a deeper sense of commitment and loyalty among your peer reviewers. Our unique Reviewer Buy-in feature enhances engagement, speeds up response times, and significantly boosts reviewer retention. By creating an implicit agreement with Reviewer Credits, peer reviewers feel more involved and committed to providing timely, quality peer reviews.
  • Reviewer Pool Custom Diversification: Enhance the quality and breadth of your peer reviews by diversifying your reviewer pool. Reviewer Credits empowers you to find peer reviewers with precision, using parameters such as gender, performance metrics, impact factor, and more. This targeted approach ensures a balanced and comprehensive review process, enriching the integrity and depth of your publications.

With ReviewerCredits, journals and publishers retain complete ownership of their reviewer pools. We ensure that you have continuous, lifetime access to the database you build on our platform. Should the need arise, you are empowered to export this data, granting you full control and flexibility in managing your reviewer resources.

Get certified for your peer review sustainability

Elevate your journal’s visibility and credibility through our peer review process certification, acknowledging your commitment to peer review excellence over the years for reviewed articles, monographs, and more. This certification not only marks the sustainability of your peer review processes but also bolsters your reputation in the scholarly community. reinforcing your position as a reputable publication in the academic world. Read more

Secure your publication’s integrity with reviewer multi-factor verification

Protect the integrity of your publications with seamless ID, personal and academic email, and biometric verification of your peer reviewers. Safeguard the credibility of your publications with our robust verification system for peer reviewers. We offer seamless ID checks, personal and academic email verification, along with biometric authentication, ensuring that each reviewer’s identity and credentials are thoroughly validated. Read more

Distribute financial rewards to your peer reviewers

Effortlessly reward your best-performing peer reviewers with monetary incentives, using our integrated Stripe payment functionality, accessible for journals and publishers on ReviewerCredits.

Easily handle monetary rewards for your peer reviewers all in one place. Schedule and manage reward amounts effortlessly, with availability in over 64 countries through our integrated system. Read more

Enjoy seamless integration with the leading scholar platforms


Effortlessly transfer both historical and new peer review data from your submission management system. Our API integrations are compatible with platforms like Editorial Manager, OJS, Arpha, Crossref, and more. For added convenience, we also support manual CSV uploads, ensuring a smooth and efficient data management experience. Read more >>