What we offer to Peer Reviewers

Performing peer reviews is a great service for the scientific community: a demanding job that requires time and competence, other than honesty and passion. At ReviewerCredits we strongly believe that efforts and commitment have to be rewarded and recognized with a measurable metric, the Reviewer Contribution Index (RCI). We developed it in collaboration with University of Valencia and on the basis of the F3-index. It ranges from 0 to 100 and considers three objective parameters to measure the Contribution of peer reviewers: Review report length, Review report delivery time, Alignment of reviewer recommendation to editorial decision.

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Peer Reviewer Certificate for ReviewersWhen you register in ReviewerCredits’ platform a completed review or conference talk, we ensure they have actually been completed: all your peer reviews will be confirmed by Journals, your talks will be verified on conferences websites.
You can upload peer reviews and talks completed in the last 24 months, for any Journal listed in the SCOPUS database. If you don’t find one, just contact us.
You register your peer activity, we get it validated and certified.

Some Journals support a direct data transfer: they periodically and automatically transmit to ReviewerCredits’ database the information relating to the peer review process they hosted. In this case each reviewer will be notified and he/she will only have to confirm the activity to get rewarded.
Before claiming your review, ask the Journal for which you have completed your activity if it supports the automatic transfer of peer review data to ReviewerCredits or ask us.

ReviewerCredits allows you to keep track of all your peer review activity in the same place: an easily downloadable PDF file, free for registered reviewers.

Get recognized

If your journal has subscribed to the Reviewer Contribution Index (RCI) feature, your peer review activity will feed your RCI. You can show or hide RCI in your public profile on our platform and your peer review certificate, as shown below.

Get rewarded

You will earn reviewer credits: tangible benefits provided by our partners, available only to registered reviewers.
The platform assigns one credit for each confirmed review performed for any Journal, but reviews claimed for registered Journals on ReviewerCredits assign double credits. Ask your Publisher to register their Journals to our platform to gain more credits.

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