Shape stronger relationships with reviewers and improve your evaluation process

It is not easy to find suitable peer reviewers for manuscripts submitted to Journals and ready to be evaluated. One of the reasons is the lack of recognition for the reviewers. We believe that by rewarding reviewers they will be more motivated, hence, more incline to accept the invitations as peer reviewer and to complete the task in the requested time. The evaluation process will then become smoother and more expedited.

We offer Journals the possibility to subscribe to one of three different plans: FREE, PLUS and PREMIUM. The three typologies have been studied to give the Journal the possibility to choose between an essential profile, FREE, which provides a basic offer; it gradually becomes more structured if you opt for the PLUS profile or for the complete offer of the benefits provided by the PREMIUM profile

Here, an overview of the offer that will be modulated according to the chosen profile:

Showcase your Journal’s reviewing performance

Share how serious, transparent your Journal is with regards to peer review. This will qualify it as a reputable Journal, thanks also to a certificate that records all the peer review activities performed.

Each Journal has the option of importing in bulk the peer review data that have been conducted for it.
Only a few steps will be required: log in to the ReviewerCredits website and accessing your Journal profile page, you will find an new area called “Import peer review data”. Download the .csv file form to fill in with the required information relating to the peer review activities completed by the Journal’s reviewers.
Each reviewer will be notified with an e-mail message to confirm that he/she has carried out the activity to be recognized, certified and repaid his activity thanks to the assignment of credits to be used in our Reward center.

Show you care

Show your reviewers that you value their collaboration and offer them the opportunity to make their reviews count. You can set targets and goals with rewards for their review activity. You can also join our reward program, which enables reviewers to redeem their credits with tangible rewards.

Join the community and find the right reviewer

All registered Journals have a “My profile” page to complete with the whole information related to the Journal and from which you can get in touch with the reviewer community. Once you join journals you will also have access to a constantly updated geolocalization map of your Journal’s reviewers.

Join journals and get acknowledged

ReviewerCredits will supply all tools to make the most out of our partnership. You will be allowed to display an exclusive badge on your website and a peer review certification will be available for your Journal. You can gain additional visibility in our Premium Journals carousel.

Reward your reviewer with credits

ReviewerCredits assigns virtual credits to all completed and confirmed peer review and credits can be spent on our e-commerce Reward center. This is widely appreciated by reviewers, who can redeem those credits with tangible benefits. Credits are attributed to reviewers based on the plan you will subscribe, taking advantages on an incentive model.

Attract readers and authors

You may provide discounts and benefits (e.g. discount on APCs, purchase of articles/books, e-learning) in our virtual store. These will be accessible to our community of reviewers by use of their credits. Contact us to become our partner!

Subscribe now and together with your reviewers, start enjoying our offer immediately.

Watch the video tutorial now for quick and practical support on how to create a Journal profile.

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