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Thousands of researchers worldwide use ​ReviewerCredits to gain recognition for their academic profile and to reward their peer review efforts. ReviewerCredits allows you to redeem credits against publishing discounts, editorial and translation services, subscriptions, training courses, conference attendance, and more.

Get recognised and rewarded 

Get recognised internationally across the academic world using our multilevel cross-publisher metrics and reward system. Register your article, monograph, and conference paper reviews automatically and receive tangible ReviewerCredits for your efforts, easily redeemable in our Reward Center.

Track your progress and impact

Keep track of your peer review and other academic activity with our suite of clear metrics on one dashboard. Track impact via your peer reviewed and published articles to demonstrate your progress and gain credibility for academic and expert career growth.

Build your expert reputation

Be visible and accessible to thousands of high-ranked journals via a single ReviewerCredits profile. Use our visibility tools to promote your profile across the ReviewerCredits network as well as the global community of recognised peer reviewers.

Get trusted certification

Get recognisable certification for your academic activity based on reviewed and published manuscripts, our Reviewer Contribution Index, journal rankings, article citations, scientific impact, and more. You can use our ORCID integration to register your peer reviews from the last 20 years.

Receive best-fit review requests

Customise your preferences to receive best-fit review requests from leading journals. Boost your career growth via peer review, becoming more visible and accessible to high-ranked journals, publishers, and conferences.

Take professional Peer Reviewer Power-Up Course

Strengthen your peer review and research skills with our unique Peer Reviewer Power-Up Course. This includes quizzes and interactive components which feed into your performance metrics and trusted peer review certification.

Save time with seamless integrations

Register and sync your profile and merits with your ORCID account and integrate completed peer reviews automatically from Editorial Manager, OJS, and Crossref platforms.

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