Gain rewards for your peer review efforts

Register your peer reviews performed and gain monetary rewards or credit points redeemable in our Reward Center. Seamlessly synchronise your Reviewer Credits profile with your ORCID and LinkedIn accounts. Claim completed peer reviews, either automatically from the past 20 years or manually. Redeem rewarded credit points for researcher benefits, including publishing discounts, editorial services, and more.

How to earn peer review compensation

Register completed peer reviews automatically

Register peer reviews completed over the last 20 years right after signing up by importing them from your ORCID account. After signing up, new reviews are automatically registered for journals which use manuscript submission systems integrated with Reviewer Credits. Otherwise, you can fill in and submit the claim form with journal title, editor name and email, completion date, manuscript ID, etc.

Get rewarded with Credit Points

Credit Points (CP) are virtual peer review compensation that editors can reward their peer reviewers with for completed peer reviews. These Credit Points can be redeemed for author services and other discounts in our Reward Center. Each Credit Point is equivalent to 10 EUR and allows peer reviewers to redeem them against publishing discounts, editorial support, translation, statistical analysis, post-publication products, and more. These rewards are provided with exclusive discounts from our partners. Reviewer Credits ensures these unique discounts are passed directly to the users, with no profit markup.

Receive financial rewards for your peer reviews

Registered peer reviewers can get compensated for their peer review efforts with money rewards in 64+ countries all over the world. To receive financial rewards from your journals and publishers you peer review for, just register your peer reviews with Reviewer Credits!

Get rewarded with Reviewer Credits

Discover the innovative way to gain peer review compensation with Reviewer Credits! Our platform recognizes the critical contributions of researchers by offering a unique peer review reward system. Learn how to register your peer reviews efficiently and start earning credits today.

Save time with seamless integrations, register and sync your profile and merits with your ORCID account and integrate completed peer reviews automatically from Editorial Manager, OJS, and Crossref platforms.