How ReviewerCredits works


The vast majority of scientific Journals uses the peer review process to select and prioritize innovative articles. It is a crucial job, which carries great responsibility and requires significant time and effort, generally unpaid and unrewarded. While several metrics have been developed to appraise and quantify the work of authors, articles and Journals, no metrics and no rewarding system exist to recognize and reward peer-reviewers performance.
ReviewerCredits fills this gap certifying, measuring and rewarding the activity of scientists as peer reviewers and conference speakers.
ReviewerCredits keeps a history of all registered reviews performed, assigns credits and gives tangible rewards.

ReviewerCredits ensures trusted certifications for reviewers

Start by creating a reviewer account, then enter a claim for a completed review (or congress talk) on the platform: this information will be confirmed by the Journals for which you have offered your reviewer activity (and by the organizing institutions of the congresses in which you have been involved as a speaker).

You file the claim, ReviewerCredits gets it confirmed and certified, adds it to your personal profile and assigns virtual credits, which can be used to access the Reward Center’s selected services at discounted rates: tangible credits to be used in your day-to-day practice as author and researcher.
Each confirmed review will feed your Registered Peer Reviews, a quantitative parameter relating to the peer reviews you completed. This is displayed on the website and is visible to our growing audience of Journals, Publishers, Peers and Institutions.
All your activities are included in your personal certificate – showcasing your activity in chronological order – recognized and appreciated worldwide.

A qualified reviewers database for Journals

Reviewers international collaboration

We believe the reviewers’ reward process helps motivate their collaboration and, therefore, they may be more inclined to accept invitations and perform their reviews efficiently. In addition, all registered reviewers are profiled, contributing to a robust database of peer reviewers that licensed Journals can draw on.
Show your reviewers that you value their cooperation and give them the opportunity to make their reviews count. Engage scientists and reward your reviewers. facilitates Journals and Publishers in the search for referees to entrust with the review process of the articles, helping to build quality standards, essential to guarantee the correct peer review process of manuscripts for the purposes of worldwide publication.

We offer Journals the possibility to subscribe to one of three different plans: FREE, PLUS and PREMIUM. This freemium model gives the Journal the possibility to choose between a basic profile, FREE of charge, which includes an essential offer and more structured services, additional features if it opts for PLUS / PREMIUM profiles.

  • Share how serious, transparent your Journal is with regards to peer review
  • Join the community and find the right reviewer
  • Join Journals, gain visibility, and get acknowledged
  • Reward your reviewer with credits: they are attributed to reviewers based on the plan you will subscribe, taking advantages on an incentive model
  • Attract readers and authors by partnering with us and our Reward Center

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