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Your own journal account: your benefits at a glance

We know how difficult it is, for editors, to find suitable peer-reviewers for papers which are submitted for evaluation. One of the reasons is also the lack of recognition for the reviewers. We believe that by rewarding reviewers they will be more motivated and, hence, more incline to accept the invitations as peer reviewer and to complete the task in the requested time. The review process will then become smoother and more expedited.

What are the advantages of creating a journal account on

It is easy and free

Simply register your journal on our portal: there is no cost involved and it only takes a few minutes. If you prefer to join as a publisher, all your journals will be added to our portal and be available to your reviewers for their claims.

Showcase your journal’s reviewing performance

Share how serious transparent your journal is with regards to peer review. This will qualify it as a reputable journal, with the added bonus of a certificate for all the peer review activity performed by your journal.

Show you care

Show your reviewers that you value their collaboration and offer them the opportunity to make their reviews count. You can set targets and goals with rewards for their review activity. You can also join our reward program, which enables reviewers to redeem their credits with tangible rewards.


Join the community

Registered journals have their journal, logo and description displayed on our portal.

Attract readers and authors

You may provide discounts and benefits towards our products (e.g. discount on APCs, purchase of articles or books, courses and so forth) in our Virtual Store. These will be accessible to our community of reviewers by use of their credits.

Get acknowledged

We will supply all tools to make the most out of your partnership with ReviewerCredits. You will be allowed to display a link in your website and to add full information about review claims in your reviewer invitation letters.

Double the credits

Registered journals assign double credits to reviews confirmed for their journal. This will be appreciated by reviewers, who can redeem their credits with tangible benefits.

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