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Performing peer reviews is a great service for the academic community and is crucial for the advancement of science. It is properly perceived as a moral duty, because it is the only way “good science” is recognised and published. However, an accurate and thoughtful peer review is a demanding job. It requires time and competence, other than honesty and passion.

There is no reason why the activity as peer reviewer should not be part of each individual resume.


Peer review certificate


Trusted certification

When you enter a completed review or conference talk, we will ensure they have actually been completed. All your peer reviews will be certified by Editorial Offices of Journals, all conference talks will be certified by PCOs. We do not accept a “thank you” mail as a proof that a review has been performed, as these cannot be considered an undeniable proof. Nothing to do with the confidence we have in the honesty of our members: we want to be a trusted service. You file the claim in, we get it certified and confirmed.

Globally recognised certification

You can download from your account a PDF certificate document detailing all activities we have certified for you, showing all your completed reviews. All reviews are certified and this is why we cannot accept a “Thank you” email as a proofs that the review has been performed.

Your benefits at a glance

What are the other advantages of creating an account on

Joining is free and easy!

There will never be a cost to you and you will belong to our growing selected community.

All your reviews and talks in one place

You can easily keep track of any review performed for any Journal and for any conference talk you gave in your personal account; you will have visibility of the status of each claim you filed


Easy claims

It takes no more than two minutes to file a claim. You only need to enter the journal’s name, the article ID/title, the Editor in charge of the process. We do all the rest.

Build your reviewer index

Each confirmed review will feed your reviewer index. This is displayed on the website and is visible to our growing audience of journals, publishers, peers and institutions.

Earn Reviewer Credits

In addition to your reviewer index, you activity will earn reviewer credits. These are granted for reviewer activity and for inviting colleagues. Reviewer credits are displayed on the website and represent tangible benefits for you, such as discounts on APC, discounts on selected conference attendance or reduced publication fees from our growing network.

Get discounts using your Reviewer Credits

As Author, you might benefit from the services provided by our partners. Take a look at the options available today and claim your personal discount code.

Certification of conference talks

ReviewerCredits allows you to keep track and showcast in your personal page the talks you gave at conferences and congresses. These data can be provided both form scientists and from conferences with a profile on our website.

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