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Our business services

Peer Review Training Courses (Business services)

Designed for Institutions, Foundations, Journals and Publishers

Methodologies and technologies help us to simplify our activities but, in order to reap the benefits, we must first be familiar with them and be able to govern them.

This is one of the reasons why ReviewerCredits offers training courses and seminars to different types of audiences. We provide training courses for PhD students, young researchers and more experienced academics.

These courses focus onto key competences, such as:

  • Knowledge of the peer review process
  • Best Practices on how to perform a peer review
  • Post-release promotion and scholarly communication
  • Journal metrics and measuring the effects
  • “Open science”

ReviewerCredits also offers training courses on managing the editorial process, from a very first presentation, followed by a peer review and the decision-making process, and ending with the file transfer, while also tackling:

  • Managing peer review processes on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Training and supporting the editorial staff, the publishers, authors and reviewers
  • Configuring and implementing editorial platforms to manage and register peer reviews
Scouting for Researchers (Business services)

Commercial Publishers, University Presses, Corporations and Organisations of all sizes can turn to ReviewerCredits for a concrete response to their need to identify reference experts in specific subject areas. This service was created to offer a useful solution for heterogeneous needs both in response to developments in publishing trends and, at the same time, to generally meet the requirements of those projects that specify the involvement of expert researchers with their clear and advanced competences in specific fields.

The ReviewerCredits platform therefore provides a service that, with varying levels of detail, allows for the identification and recruitment of scholars, drawing from its own rich Community database. Search parameters can be defined in great detail and customised in response to specific customer needs, thanks to the high profiling of the users that make up the database.


Call For Papers

This service is dedicated to Publishers, Journals, and Conference organisers. It is well known that a Call For Papers (CFP) is an invitation to all scholars that are competent in specific subject areas with the aim of collecting original scientific works that are apt for evaluation/publication on journals (for regular issues, supplements, special issues, etc.), that may be used in conferences or that could be further developed in book volumes.

ReviewerCredits deals with:

  • selecting the target audience to which the CFP is addressed (selecting the addressees among the members of the Community, on the basis of the specific discipline/subject of interest and of possible ad-hoc parameters, according to the specific needs of the communication and of the client)
  • drafting the text of the communication in order to obtain a clear and effective product
  • defining the graphic template of the communication 
  • coordinating the sending and tracking phases of the communication


Content Dissemination

This service is aimed at maximising the impact of research on the scientific community, benefiting the positioning of both publications and researchers.

Increasing and promoting the timely dissemination of the contents that are constantly published – in a targeted manner – within the community of reference of one’s own disciplinary area increases the citability and, therefore, the impact and authority of those journals and, in turn, of one’s own pool of authors/editorial committees/reviewers.

We provide a concrete and specific channel to disseminate research, starting from the dissemination of Table of Contents up to the realisation of ad-hoc communications on researchers of specific subject areas.

Marketing and Communication Projects (Business services)

Designed for Academies, Institutions, Pharmaceutical companies and Insurances  

ReviewerCredits offers to Institutions and Companies operating in scientific sectors the attention and interest of its Community members, both Researchers and Reviewers, through appropriate and effective formats. 

Communication and Media Partnership projects:
Co-Branded Activities: Communication and Marketing initiatives to engage the ReviewerCredits Community with specific objectivesand through a variety of channels, such as:

– Webinars
– Workshops and Seminars
– Conferences and Competitions
– Surveys for the ReviewerCredits Community that aim at promoting our clients’ business   

Marketing and Communication services:

– Dedicated Landing Pages for our clients
– Direct Email Marketing and Newsletter
– Social Media posting
– Copywriting and Web Contents for our clients’ media channels

Corporate Social Responsibility

Designed for Foundations and Institutions, Insurances, Pharmaceutical companies

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) naturally meets an equitable and circular vision of the Peer Review process for those institutions and companies that wish to defend and promote scientific reliability.

Thanks to its growing Community of active researchers in their respective research areas of competence, you can involve ReviewerCredits in specific and effective interventions focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility, such as:

  • “Research Grant” – related thematic competition
  • “Call for Peer Review” – related thematic competition
  • Partnerships on activities such as “Peer Review of the Year”
  • Credit assignment to all the Peer Reviewers involved in a specific research field (e.g., oncology, virology, etc.)
  • Climate change solutions, such as “CO2 Removal”, “Plant a tree”, etc.
  • “RC Ambassadors engagement”in their respective countries, to promote specific messages, actions and engagements with regard to the research community