Event info: Recording of free panel discussion
When: April 17th | 15:00 – 16:00 CEST
Dr. Gareth Dyke – Host
Prof. Giacomo Bellani – Expert reviewer
Mrs. Lucia Steele – Publications manager

Discover the importance of being a peer reviewer by watching this 1-hour free panel discussion “Why agree to be a peer reviewer in 2021? The importance of this process”.

Throughout the discussion Gareth Dyke, Giacomo Bellani and Lucia Steele discussed some of the key issues around peer review and managing the process and they tried to answer to the following questions:

-Which specific difficulties does a small publisher encounter in ensuring the peer review process?
-Why do you accept to perform peer review?
-Do you think peer review is an important part of academic publishing? Why?
-Do you think peer reviewers should be paid for their work? If so, why? If not, why not?
-Will you tell us your best and worst experiences with peer review?

The answer of the first question is given by Mrs. Steele, who said:
“As publisher we have to ensure that we have suitable editors for our journals and provide the right tools for them…. One of the big difficulties that we face as a small publisher is the lack of participation of reviewers, so we have to engage them and build a strong relationship full of trust and transparency.”

While Prof. Bellani offered his point of view as a reviewer:
“I try to accept peer review because I think it’s a sort of duty that as scientists or as academics we do have, it’s a contribution that we can give”. He also explained the reason why in some cases he refuses to peer review: “It’s important to be fair in this process, you can’t accept a peer review invitation for something that you can’t commit to or when you don’t have time. This is a proof of a lack of seriousness from the journal that invites you.”

Want to know more? Watch the full discussion here: 


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