The ReviewerCredits team recently sat down for a chat with one of our newest Ambassadors, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. Farooq Rathore.

We started off by talking about the ReviewerCredits platform. Dr Farooq has been an enthusiastic advocate of ReviewerCredits since first inception and so we asked him first about his experiences working with our platform.

So, Dr Farooq can you give us some insights on your impressions of ReviewerCredits? Is the platform useful for researchers, in your opinion?

Dr Farooq: Thanks. I’m a huge advocate of ReviewerCredits because this platform is unique. The only place where reviewers can really get rewarded for their efforts. Other platforms don’t offer this: No rewards, no certificates, no accreditation. I’m very happy to share my experience with my large network, especially in the Global South. I work alot with AuthorAid and I’m keen to promote ReviewerCredits within this network.

How should we improve our networking at ReviewerCredits? How can we better promote the platform?

Dr Farooq: Let me tell you the way the world is moving. People have very short attention spans. Many of my colleagues have actually told me that you keep on sharing so many things. Let’s share a reference code or a link. Who are these ReviewerCredits who send me an email? If you want to increase your membership and sign ups, you should also be looking toward creating a unique code or a unique link for everyone who can then share it. I’d share a QR code from ReviewerCredits with my followers on LinkedIn and Twitter.

How has peer review changed over the years?

Dr Farooq: Things have changed a lot: If someone had said to me a few years ago that there’s something called Open Peer Review, I would have simply backed off. I mean I was horrified about the idea, you know: Someone would know my identity, they would know that I was the one who wrote this kind of review. At that time, I would have said no. Now, I do it all the time: Just three days ago I did an open peer review for BMJ Open. Everything I wrote is going to go online along with the manuscript when it gets accepted. That’s amazing!

Are we going to do a peer review webinar together?

Dr Farooq: Yes! Join us on the 24th June for an event in which we will discuss peer review and I’ll share my experiences. We’ll talk about the ReviewerCredits vision.


What is ReviewerCredits? What are the benefits?

ReviewerCredits is a platform that aims to recognize and reward the valuable contributions of researchers, reviewers, and editors in the academic publishing process. Here are some key benefits and features of ReviewerCredits:

  1. Recognition and Visibility: ReviewerCredits provides a platform for researchers and reviewers to showcase their expertise and contributions in the academic community. By using the platform, reviewers can gain recognition for their work, which can enhance their professional reputation and visibility within their respective fields.
  2. Verified and Transparent Reviewer Profiles: ReviewerCredits verifies the identities and affiliations of reviewers, ensuring that their profiles are trustworthy and credible. This helps to maintain the quality and integrity of the reviewing process.
  3. Accreditation and Metrics: ReviewerCredits offers an accreditation system that assigns credits to reviewers for their reviewing activities. These credits can be used to demonstrate professional achievements and enhance academic credentials. ReviewerCredits also provides detailed metrics and statistics on reviewing activities, allowing reviewers to track their performance and productivity.
  4. Networking and Collaboration: The platform facilitates networking and collaboration among researchers, reviewers, and editors. It offers features such as a community forum, collaboration tools, and a directory of experts, enabling users to connect with colleagues, share knowledge, and explore potential collaborations.
  5. Rewards and Incentives: ReviewerCredits recognizes the efforts of reviewers by offering various rewards and incentives. These may include discounts on academic services, access to exclusive resources, or even financial compensation for completed reviews, depending on partnerships with publishers and institutions.
  6. Integration with Publishing Platforms: ReviewerCredits integrates with several publishing platforms, enabling seamless transfer of review information and reducing administrative burden. This integration streamlines the reviewing process and enhances efficiency for both reviewers and publishers.
  7. Training and Development: ReviewerCredits offers resources and training materials to help reviewers enhance their skills and stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in academic publishing. This supports professional development and ensures high-quality peer review.

It’s important to note that specific features and benefits may evolve over time, please visit the ReviewerCredits website or contact our team directly.