Engage best-fit peer reviewers

Access the world’s first diversified global community of certified peer reviewers to find and engage your best-fit reviewer candidates with proven expertise. Increase your review request acceptance rates by customising your search preferences and managing your peer reviewers in one place. Speed up the publishing cycle.

Access the verified peer reviewer community via biometric and academic know your customer (KYC) verification to avoid fake accounts and ensure the integrity of publications

Use an exclusive customised multifactor search of certified peer reviewers that allows increasing an acceptance rate up to 95%

Diversify your reviewer pool with a unique suite of parameters, including gender, location, experience, performance metrics, availability, and more

ReviewerCredits empowers you to engage the best-fit peer reviewers efficiently and effectively. Our platform provides access to a globally certified peer reviewer community, enhancing your ability to find and engage reviewers with proven expertise. Customizable search preferences and a multifactor search feature help you boost review request acceptance rates by up to 95%, expediting the publishing cycle. To ensure the integrity of publications, we employ biometric and academic KYC verification to avoid fake accounts. With the ability to diversify your reviewer pool based on various parameters, such as gender, location, experience, and performance metrics, you have full control. Manage and communicate with your reviewer pool seamlessly, all in one place. Additionally, our API integrations offer a hassle-free way to transfer peer review data, saving you time and effort. ReviewerCredits is your trusted partner for streamlining the peer reviewer engagement process.

Track, manage, and communicate to your reviewer pool in one place

Engage reviewers via seamless API integration

Transfer your historical and new peer review data automatically from your submission management system via seamless API integrations available for Editorial Manager, OJS, Arpha by Pensoft, Crossref platforms and more. You can also use manual CSV uploads.

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