How does it work?

Recognition of Peer Review and Conference talks

ReviewerCredits keeps a history of all reviews performed, assigns a ReviewerCredits Index and gives tangible rewards, as agreed with each publisher or journal.

Scientist and researchers create a free profile in ReviewerCredits and they record all reviews performed (in the previous 12 months) and all conference talks they offered (no time limit). ReviewerCredits will contact the journal editor to confirm that the review has been performed. Conference talk will be verified on the conference/congress website. This step is essential to create certified and reliable history of actually performed activity and not activities only claimed.

Why don’t we accept a “Thank you for reviewing” email?

Upon confirmation from the Editor, the review/conference talk, is added to the personal account of the reviewer and his/her personal score will be displayed and a certificate can be dowloaded. We do not share any scientific data concerning the review your performed. We respect your privacy and handle all information with the highest ethical principles.

How are credits assigned?

  • Each review confirmed by a journals assigns 10 Reviewer Credits (RC).
  • Each review confirmed by a participating journal assigns 20 Reviewer Credits (RC).
  • Each colleague you invite, and who registers with ReviewerCredits, will earn you 10 reviewer credits (RC).

Your reviewer credits are always visible in your personal profile and are redeemable to obtain several benefits.

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