How to register a review


If you are a ReviewerCredits user, registering a review is a simple process on ReviewerCredits.
Once you open your free profile, you can easily get access to your personal page and dashboard and then register your reviews.
You can sign in with your ORCID iD or Google account.
If you are not a ReviewerCredits user, dedicate few minutes to the free signup process.

Login to your personal profile

Your personal profile talks about you: personalize your page by adding photos, specialties, the institution/s you belong to, your IDs as ORCID ID, links to your social profiles (e.g. Researchgate, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
Make yourself immediately recognizable and traceable, collecting all the information about you in one place: your CV will be already certified.
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Enter the required information

Fill this page with the required information (Journal title, Journal’s contact person name, the day the review was completed, manuscript ID… but if you provided a review for a journal that uses an Open Peer Review process, so that the peer review identity is disclosed, then the fields to fill in are even less!).
You can register your peer reviews for all Journals listed by Scopus (but if they are not, contact us and we will add them) and you can register peer reviews completed in the last 24 months.
Each confirmed review will feed your Registered Peer Reviews. This is displayed on the website and visible to our audience of Journals, Publishers, Peers and Institutions.

We contact the Journal Office

We will contact the Journal Office or Handling Editor to confirm your review. If you cannot find the Journal you reviewed for let us know: we will contact the Journal and add it to our database and get the confirmation for you.

Follow the review claim progress

In “My Profile” page you can follow the progress of your claim.
It may take some time as the confirmation process involves Publishers and their feedback turnaround.

Earn and use your credits in our Reward Center

ReviewerCredits assigns credits for each confirmed review performed for any Journal. Redeem your earned credits for services selected for the academic community.
Your reviewer credits are always visible in your personal profile. Use them to claim discounted Article Processing Charges (APCs) at selected Journals for your next submission or other benefits included in the Reward Center.

Peer review data can be transferred automatically

In addition to manual registration, there is also the possibility of transferring peer review data activities through an automated process, this allows you to get recognized and rewarded instantly. Share the benefits of automated data transfer with the Journals you review for!
Data can be transferred through: Plugins, APIs, FTP transfer (OJS / PKP, Editorial Manager and ARPHA by Pensoft), or with a simple .csv file uploading. 
Learn more and ask the Journal to contact ReviewerCredits for further assistance.

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Register your review

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