How to upload your conference programme



Performing peer reviews is a great service for the academic community and is crucial for the advancement of science.
It is properly perceived as a moral duty, because it is the only way “good science” is recognised and published. However, an accurate and thoughtful peer review is a demanding job. It requires time and competence, other than honesty and passion.

Please follow these simple instructions to easily prepare the file and upload your conference program in our website!

  1. Download here the .csv file template
  2. Do not change the column headers, start to fill the file from line 2
  3. Indicate one talk per line, filling all the mandatory fields, according to the specification below
  4. Please note that for some fields only certain values are allowed
  5. You may also indicate entire session titles, acknowledging the role of chairperson/moderators
  6.  Each line of the file should report all the information relative to the conference edition, even if identical for all the lines
  7. Do not leave blank lines
  8. Save the file as .CSV, using the semicolon (;) as separator, with UTF-8 encoding
  9. Uplaod the file from your home page
Field Name Format Allowed Values Instructions
Conference Edition* Integer   Please indicate the progressive conference edition number
Conference City*  Text   Please indicate the city where the conference took place
Conference Country*  text   Country where the edition of the conference took place
Conference website* Valid URL    
Program version* Text Preliminary/Final  
Session Date* DD/MM/YYYY    
Session Time* Text    
Session / Presentation Title* Text    Indicate the title of the talk
Presentation Time* (if role “Speaker”) Text    
Type of presentation* Text Invited speaker/Submitted paper/Submitted abstract  
Language of the talk* Text    Indicate the language of the talk
Link for Multimedia of presentation Valid Url   If available add a link to multimedia of the presentation (e.g. slideshare/youtube/vimeo)
Person Role* Text Speaker/Chairman  
Person Firstname* Text   First name of the speaker/chairman
Person Middle Name Text   Middle name of the speaker/chairman
Person Lastname* Text   Last name of the speaker/chairman
Person City*  Text   City of the speaker/chairman
Person Country*  Text   Country of the speaker/chairman
Person Email* Valid email adress   Email adress of the speaker/chairman. We will NOT use email adress to contact speakers. This is used to link the talk to the speaker’s profile in our database
Person ORCID  Valid ORCID   ORCID of the speaker/chairman

* Mandatory Fields