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NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanAPI Integration Publisherp-ISSNe-ISSN
Fifteenth-Century Studies00-Boydell and Brewer Ltd0164-0933
Journal of Applied Physiology Respiratory Environmental and Exercise Physiology00-0161-7567
Italian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology00-1125-8055
West's north eastern reporter00-1048-3632
Proteomics Research Journal00-1935-2824
Allergy and Clinical Immunology International00-0838-1925
Cahiers Naturalistes00-Societe Litteraire des Amis d'Emile Zola0008-0365
Studies in Comparative Communism00-0039-3592
European Journal of Vascular Surgery00-0950-821X
La Recherche00-0029-5671
Brain Research Journal00-1935-2875
Comptes Rendus de Therapeutique et de Pharmacologie Clinique00-0293-9908
World Cement00-Palladian Publications Ltd.0263-6050
Les Cahiers de l'Apliut00-0248-9430
Journal of Receptor Research00-0197-5110
Research in Biopolitics00-2042-9940
Plasma Therapy and Transfusion Technology00-0278-6222
Ondokuz Mayis Universitesi Tip Dergisi00-Ondokuz Mayis Universitesi1300-2996
Urbs et Regio00-
Diabetes/Metabolism Reviews00-0742-4221
Jishou Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Jishou University00-1007-2985
Acta ad Archaeologiam et Artium Historiam Pertinentia00-0065-0900
The British journal of sports history00-0264-9373
Kosmetische Medizin00-BMV - Berliner Medizinische Verlagsanstalt GmbH1430-4031
Prescribers' Journal00-0032-7611
SIGPLAN Notices (ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages)00-0362-1340
Altalanos Nyelveszeti Tanulmanyok00-0569-1338
Engineering Science and Education Journal00-Institute of Electrical Engineers0963-7346
Archiv für Kreislaufforschung00-0003-9217
Manufacturing Systems00-0748-948X
Clean Air00-National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Proctection0300-5143
International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues00-2146-4138
Developments in Marine Geology00-1572-5480
UroToday International Journal00-UroToday Inc.1939-4810
Nucleic acids research. Supplement (2001)00-
Biomedica Biochimica Acta00-0232-766X
Marketing Health Services00-1094-1304
IRE Transactions on Component Parts00-0096-2422
Large Scale Systems00-0165-0777
Journal of Ferrocement00-International Ferrocement Information Center0125-1759
Studies in the History of Art00-0091-7338
British Veterinary Journal00-0007-1935
Japanese Heart Journal00-0021-4868
Journal of the Society of Archivists00-Society of Archivists0037-9816
Tierarztliche Praxis00-0303-6286
Acta Anatomica00-0001-5180
Land Contamination and Reclamation00-0967-0513
Annales de chirurgie thoracique et cardio-vasculaire00-0066-2054
Materia Medica Polona00-Centrum Medyczne Ksztalcenia Podyplomowego0025-5246
Robotics engineering00-0888-0816
Nature and Resources00-0547-9665
Jingxi Huagong/Fine Chemicals00-1003-5214
IEEE Transactions on Electronics Packaging Manufacturing00-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers1521-334X
Psychiatric Journal of the University of Ottawa00-0702-8466
Dermatologia Clinica00-0392-1395
Annalen der Pharmacie00-0365-5490
Structural Engineering/Earthquake Engineering00-Japan Society of Civil Engineers/Doboku Gakkai0289-8063
American Journal of EEG Technology00-0002-9238
Selective Cancer Therapeutics00-1043-0733
Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Geologica00-0001-7132
Annales de Physique Biologique et Medicale00-0029-0793
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, Supplement00-Blackwell Publishing Inc.0065-1427
Zentralblatt für Veterinarmedizin. Reihe A00-0514-7158
Avian and Poultry Biology Reviews00-1470-2061
Journal of Offender Counseling Services Rehabilitation00-0195-6116
Material Handling Engineering00-0025-5262
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine00-e-Century Publishing Corporation1940-5901
Medecine et Armees00-0397-8125
Coeur et Medecine Interne00-0010-0234
Dental historian : Lindsay Club newsletter00-0958-6687
Journal of the Herpetological Association of Africa00-0441-6651
Journal of Ultrastructure Research and Molecular Structure Research00-0889-1605
Neftekhimiya00-Izdatel'stvo Nauka0028-2421
CRC critical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences00-0590-8191
Laboratory Animal Science00-0023-6764
Mountain Geologist00-0027-254X
Nuclear Information00-2155-1359
SD Revista Medica Internacional sobre el Sindrome de Down00-1138-2074
Voprosy statistiki (Moscow, Russia : 1994)00-
World Health00-0043-8502
Revista de Derecho Ambiental00-0214-4042
Sources for African History00-1570-8721
Medical claims management00-1069-5699
Handbook of Surface Science00-Elsevier North Holland1573-4331
Puerto Rico y su enfermera00-0145-6652
Bulletin - Peak District Mines Historical Society00-
Control and Intelligent Systems00-1480-1752
Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 5, Japan00-0921-5239
Reanimation Soins Intensifs Medecine d'Urgence00-Expansion Scientifipue Francaise0765-5290
European Journal of Disorders of Communication00-0963-7273
Random Lengths00-0483-9420
Surgical business00-0039-6095
Pacific law journal (Sacramento, Calif.)00-0030-8757
Journal of Japan Society for Cancer Therapy00-0021-4671
Northeastern Geology and Environmental Sciences00-
NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanReviewer Contribution Index API Integration Publisherp-ISSNe-ISSN
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