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NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanAPI Integration Publisherp-ISSNe-ISSN
Australian Cultural History00-Australian Academy of the Humanities and the History of Ideas Unit0728-8433
Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology0-Taylor & Francis1040-92381549-7798
Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education00-1521-4842
Medicina experimentalis. International journal of experimental medicine00-0258-2589
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin und Sporttraumatologie0-Paul Haupt AG1422-0644
Journal of Antitrust Enforcement0-Oxford University Press2050-06882050-0696
Zeitschrift fur Historische Forschung0-Duncker und Humblot GmbH0340-0174
Diversity and Distributions0-Blackwell Publishing Inc.1366-95161472-4642
Archiv fur Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie0-Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH0001-2343
Rossiiskaia Istoria0-Izdatel'stvo Nauka0869-5687
MMWR supplements00-2380-89502380-8942
a/b: Auto/Biography Studies0-Taylor and Francis Ltd.2151-7290
Volumina Jurassica0-University of Warsaw, Institute of Geology1896-7876
Insulation/ Circuits00-0020-4544
American journal of proctology00-0002-9521
Medical economics00-Advanstar Communications Inc.0025-7206
Journal of the Hoffman Heart Institute of Connecticut00-1091-630X
Software Quality Journal0-Kluwer Academic Publishers0963-93141573-1367
Margin0-SAGE Publications Ltd0973-80100973-8029
Logos (Netherlands)0-Brill Academic Publishers0957-96561878-4712
Educational Studies0-Carfax Publishing Ltd.0305-56981465-3400
Australian Review of Applied Linguistics0-John Benjamins Publishing Company0155-0640
Scottish Literary Review0-Association for Scottish Literary Studies1756-5634
Journal of Biology and Today's World00-2476-53762322-3308
Advances in Radiation Oncology0-Elsevier Inc.2452-1094
Language Testing in Asia0-Springer Open2229-0443
British Journal of Urology00-0007-1331
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S0-American Institute of Mathematical Sciences1937-1632
Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. FC00-0161-1844
Engineering Letters0-International Association of Engineers1816-093X1816-0948
Senckenbergiana Biologica00-0037-2102
Printed Circuit Fabrication00-0274-8096
Teaching Education0-Routledge1047-6210
Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History0-Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea CDEC2037-741X
AANA Journal0-AANA Publishing Inc.0094-6354
European Eating Disorders Review0-John Wiley & Sons Inc.1072-41331099-0968
Bulletin of Spanish Studies0-Routledge1475-38201478-3428
Sociologia0-Slovak Academic Press Ltd.0049-1225
International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research00-2250-3137
Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas0-Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico1870-3062
AIDS Reviews0-Permanyer Publication1139-6121
Journal of Cyclic Nucleotide Research00-0095-1544
Advances in High Performance Computing00-1368-7638
Experimental and Molecular Medicine0-Nature Publishing Group1226-36132092-6413
Chemistry Bulletin / Huaxue Tongbao00-0441-3776
Steroids and lipids research00-0300-0621
Transactions of Famena0-Sveuciliste u Zagrebu1333-1124
International Journal of Business Analytics0-IGI Global Publishing2334-45472334-4555
Advanced Functional Materials0-John Wiley & Sons Ltd.1616-301X
Central Europe0-Maney Publishing1479-0963
Special Paper of the Geological Society of America0-Geological Society of America0072-1077
Woman - Psychosomatic Gynaecology and Obstetrics00-2213-560X
Archives of Pediatric Infectious Diseases0-Kowsar Publishing Company2322-18282322-1836
Aquatic Geochemistry0-Kluwer Academic Publishers1380-6165
Reviews of Reproduction00-1359-6004
Revista Cubana de Medicina00-0034-75231561-302X
Grey Journal0-Grey Literature Network Service1574-17961574-180X
Annali Italiani di Dermatologia Clinica e Sperimentale00-0365-169X
Medicina e historia00-0300-8169
Turk Psikyatri Dergisi0-Turkiye Sinir ve Ruh Sagligi Dernegi1300-2163
South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance0-SAGE Publications Ltd2277-97872321-0273
American Journal of Dermatopathology0-Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Ltd.0193-10911533-0311
Fuss und Sprunggelenk0-Elsevier GmbH1619-99871619-9995
Communication Research Reports0-Routledge0882-4096
Teaching Theology and Religion0-Blackwell Publishing Inc.1368-48681467-9647
Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems0-Walter De Gruyter1895-90911896-530X
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences0-National Research Council Canada0008-4077
Hospital Purchasing Management00-0163-1322
Petrole et Techniques00-0152-5425
Critical Reviews in Oral Biology and Medicine00-1045-44111544-1113
Primary Care Update for Ob/Gyns00-1068-607X
Virus Genes0-Kluwer Academic Publishers0920-85691572-994X
Gastroenterology Report0-Oxford University Press2052-0034
Health Psychology0-American Psychological Association0278-6133
Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory0-De Gruyter Mouton1613-7027
Transactions of the American Entomological Society0-American Entomological Society0002-8320
Current Molecular Imaging00-2211-55522211-5544
Brill's Japanese Studies Library0-Brill0925-6512
Journal of the European Optical Society Part B: Quantum Optics00-0954-8998
Saint Louis University law journal00-0036-3030
In Silico Biology0-IOS Press1386-63381434-3207
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences00-0095-23381520-5142
Indian Journal of Textile Research00-0377-8436
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Geowissenschaften0-Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung1860-1804
European Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine0-EJMCM, International House2515-8260
Housing, Theory and Society0-Taylor & Francis1403-60961651-2278
Veterinary Dermatology0-Blackwell Publishing Inc.0959-44931365-3164
Global Advances In Health and Medicine00-2164-957X2164-9561
Eighteenth Century Life0-Duke University Press0098-2601
FEMS Microbiology Immunology00-0920-8534
African Journal of Psychiatry (South Africa)00-1994-8220
International Journal of Fertility and Sterility0FreeRoyan Institute2008-076X2008-0778
OGAI Journal (Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Artificial Intelligence)00-0254-4326
The Pennsylvania medical journal00-0096-0667
Tuna0-Eesti Arhivaaride Uhing1406-4030
Intertax0-Kluwer Law International0165-28261875-8347
Astronomy and Astrophysics0-EDP Sciences0004-63611432-0746
Information Technology and Management0-Baltzer Science Publishers B.V.1385-951X1573-7667
NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanReviewer Contribution Index API Integration Publisherp-ISSNe-ISSN
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