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NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
Zootecnia Tropical278BasicInstituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrícolas0798-72692542-3436
ZooKeys605BasicPensoft Publishers1313298913132970Animal Science and Zoology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Women's Health – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers2380-3940
WIT Transactions on The Built Environment00BasicWIT Press1743-3509
WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences00BasicWIT Press1743-3533
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment00BasicWIT Press1743-3541
Wine Economics and Policy00PlusElsevier BV22129774General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
Webbia00PlusTaylor & Francis00837792Ecology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics, Plant Science
Waste Management186097BasicElsevier Ltd.0956053XWaste Management and Disposal
Vojnosanitetski Pregled30332BasicSavezno Ministarstvo Odbrane00428450General Medicine, Pharmacology (medical)
Voces de la educación00BasicVoces de la educación1665-15962448-6248
Visual Ethnography00BasicVisual Ethnography2499928822811605Anthropology, Communication, Cultural Studies
Veterinary Medicine – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers2475-1286
Veterinarski Glasnik11BasicISSN 03502457eISSN 24060771
Vaccination Research – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers0000-0000
Urology and Andrology – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers0000-0000
Universitas Scientiarum (d.)00Basic2027-1352
Universitas Scientiarum202BasicPontificia Universidad Javeriana01227483Multidisciplinary
Universidad en Diálogo: Revista de Extensión00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica2215-28492215-4752
Uniciencia00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1011-02752215-3470
Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology101BasicJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.0960769214690705General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Radiological and Ultrasound Technology, Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging, Reproductive Medicine
Turkiye Parazitoloji Dergisi (Turkish Journal of Parasitology)00Basic2146-3077
Trichology and Cosmetology – Open Journal 00BasicOpenventio Publishers0000-0000
Tribology in Industry11BasicUniversity of Kragujevac03548996Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, Surfaces, Coatings and Films
Translational Medicine Reports00Plus 2532-1250
Toxicology and Forensic Medicine – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers2474-8978
The Ophthalmology – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers2475-1278
The Journal of The British Blockchain Association402BasicThe British Blockchain Association2516-39492516-3957
The Journal of Heart Valve Disease00Basic
The International Journal of Frontier Sciences77BasicFrontier Science Associates2618-03592618-0367
Test Journal00BasicTest1050-124X1050-124X
Territorium00BasicImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra0872-89411647-7723
Temas de Nuestra América. Revista de Estudios Latinoamericanos00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica0259-23392215-5449
Telehealth and Medicine Today11015BasicPartners in Digital HealthISSN 2471-6960
TECHNE00BasicFirenze University Press22390243Architecture, Building and Construction, Education, Health(social science)
Teacher Research Journal00Basic2222-6184
SVU-International Journal of Veterinary Sciences00Basic2535-1877
Surgical Research – Open Journal 00BasicOpenventio Publishers2377-8407
SUNDERMANN: Jurnal Ilmiah Teologi, Pendidikan, Sains, Humaniora dan Kebudayaan00BasicSTT BNKP Sundermann1979358827158969Christian education, Socio-culture studies, Theology
Substantia. An International Journal of the history of Chemistry201Premium2532-3997
Studi sulla Formazione. Open Journal of Education00Plus2036-6981
Studi Slavistici201BasicFirenze University Press1824761X18247601Cultural Studies, Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory
Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies00Plus2239-3978
Storia delle Donne00PlusFirenze University Press1826-7505
Sports and Exercise Medicine – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers2379-6391
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research101BasicInstituto Nacional de Investigacion y Tecnologia Agraria y Alimentaria1695971XAgronomy and Crop Science
Society26436BasicSpringer New York LLC01472011General Social Sciences, Sociology and Political Science
Social Behavior Research and Practice – Open Journal00BasicOpenventio Publishers2474-8927
Sleep and Breathing927BasicSpringer Verlag1520951215221709Clinical Neurology, Otorhinolaryngology
Siwô' Revista de Teología/Revista de Estudios Sociorreligiosos00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica2215-227X2215-2482
SinkrOn (Jurnal & Penelitian Teknik Informatika)00BasicPoliteknik Ganesha2541-044X2541-2019
Sex Roles302BasicKluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers0360002515732762Developmental and Educational Psychology, Gender Studies, Social Psychology
SEISENSE Journal of Management00Basic2617-5770
Scrineum Rivista201Basic1128-5656
Scienze del Territorio00PlusFirenze University Press2284-242X
Science China Materials402BasicScience in China Press2095822621994501General Materials Science
Saudi journal of kidney diseases and transplantation : an official publication of the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation, Saudi Arabia.22012BasicMedknow Publications13192442General Medicine
Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation67447Basic1319-2442
Sanità Pubblica Veterinaria00Basic1592-1581
Salud Colectiva202BasicUniversidad Nacional de Lanus16692381Health Policy, Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
RMC Journal of Social Science and Humanities11BasicResearch and Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.2708-499X
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia1206BasicUniversita degli Studi di Milano2039-4942
Rivista Italiana di Educazione Familiare00Plus2037-1861
Rivista Geografica Italiana00Basic0035-6697
Rivista di studi di fotografia. Journal of Studies in Photography00Plus2421-6941
Rivista di Storia dell'Educazione00PlusFirenze University Press2384-82942532-2818
Ri-Vista. Ricerche per la progettazione del paesaggio00Plus1724-6768
Revista Tecnológica-Educativa Docentes 2.0136136BasicGrupo Docentes 2.0 C.A.2665-02662665-0266
Revista SOCAMPAR de patología del tórax00BasicSOCAMPAR2529-9859
Revista Scientific00BasicInstituto Internacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico Educativo (INDTEC)2542-2987
Revista Praxis00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1409-309X2215-3659
Revista Portuguesa de Pedagogia00BasicImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra0870-418X1647-8614
Revista Portuguesa de Historia11BasicUniversidade de Coimbra, Instituto de Historia Economica e social0870414721833796History
Revista Portuguesa de Enfermagem de Saúde Mental15421BasicSociedade Portuguesa de Enfermagem de Saúde Mental1647-21601647-2160
Revista Portuguesa de Enfermagem de Reabilitação00BasicAssociação Portuguesa dos Enfermeiros de Reabilitação2184-3023
Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia (Portuguese Journal of Cardiology)00BasicSociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia (Portuguese Society of Cardiology)0870-25510870-2551
Revista Peruana de Investigación en Salud212Basic2616-6097
Revista ORL00Basic2444-7986
Revista Nuevo Humanismo00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1405-02342215-4078
Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química00BasicAMIDIQ1665-27382395-8472
Revista Latinoamericana de Derechos Humanos00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1659-43042215-4221
Revista Ibero-Americana de Saúde e Envelhecimento24940BasicUniversidade de Évora2183-6663
Revista Geográfica de América Central00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1011-484X2215-2563
Revista Filosófica de Coimbra00BasicImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra0872-08512184-7584
Revista Ensayos Pedagógicos00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1659-01042215-3330
Revista Electronica Educare77BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica14094258Education
Revista de Política Económica y Desarrollo Sostenible00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica2215-4167
Revista de Pesquisa Cuidado é Fundamental Online00Basic2175-5361
Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia2525BasicUniversidad del Zulia03787818Agronomy and Crop Science, Animal Science and Zoology, Food Science, Plant Science
Revista de Historia das Ideias00BasicUniversidade de Coimbra08700958Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy
Revista de Historia da Sociedade e da Cultura00BasicUniversidade de Coimbra - Faculdade de Letras16452259History
Revista de historia00BasicUniversidade de Sao Paulo, Faculdade de Filosofia0034830923169141General Medicine
Revista de Ciencias Ambientales00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1409-21582215-3896
Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina Interna00BasicSociedade Portuguesa de Medicina InternaISSN 0872-671XE-ISSN 2183-9980
Revista Curare201Basic2382-3364
Revista Cubana de Medicina Intensiva y Emergencias402Basic1810-2352
Revista científica ALERTA00Basic2617-5274
Revista Ciencias Marinas y Costeras00BasicUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1659-455X1659-407X
Revista Ciências em Saúde55BasicHospital de Clínicas de Itajubá2236-37852236-3785
NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
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