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NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanAPI Integration Publisherp-ISSNe-ISSN
American Journal of EEG Technology00-0002-9238
Acta Pharmaceutica Suecica00-0001-6675
New South Wales public health bulletin00-1034-7674
Annales de Physique Biologique et Medicale00-0029-0793
Zentralblatt für Veterinarmedizin. Reihe A00-0514-7158
Revista de Quimica Textile00-0300-3418
ZI, Ziegelindustrie International/Brick and Tile Industry International00-0341-0552
Psychopharmacology Service Center bulletin00-0376-0162
Material Handling Engineering00-0025-5262
Medecine et Armees00-0397-8125
Folia Phoniatrica00-0015-5705
Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, Supplement00-1401-7458
Arizona Medicine00-Arizona Medical Association0004-1556
Journal of Ultrastructure Research and Molecular Structure Research00-0889-1605
CRC critical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences00-0590-8191
Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development00-1018-5291
American Journal of Geriatric Cardiology00-1076-7460
Developments in Volcanology00-Elsevier BV1871-644X
SD Revista Medica Internacional sobre el Sindrome de Down00-1138-2074
Voprosy statistiki (Moscow, Russia : 1994)00-
Scandinavian Audiology, Supplement00-0107-8593
The New Orleans medical and surgical journal00-J.A. Gresham0097-1790
Medical claims management00-1069-5699
Puerto Rico y su enfermera00-0145-6652
Italian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology00-1125-8055
West's north eastern reporter00-1048-3632
Quarterly review of medicine00-Washington Institute of Medicine0096-7114
Materials Chemistry00-Centro de Formacao(CENFOR)0390-6035
European Journal of Vascular Surgery00-0950-821X
La Recherche00-0029-5671
Boletín. Academia Peruana de Cirugía00-Academia Peruana de Cirugia
Surgical business00-0039-6095
Pacific law journal (Sacramento, Calif.)00-0030-8757
Journal of Receptor Research00-0197-5110
Bacteriologia Virusologia Parazitologia Epidemiologia00-Romanian Medical Association1220-3696
Il Cimento00-Societa Italiana di Fisica1124-1845
Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics00-0081-3052
Diabetes/Metabolism Reviews00-0742-4221
Jishou Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Jishou University00-1007-2985
Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies00-ICAS Press1748-9423
Caribbean Quarterly00-0008-6495
SIGPLAN Notices (ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages)00-0362-1340
CEDE00-Elsevier BV1138-5758
Humane health care international00-1205-8890
Manufacturing Systems00-0748-948X
Clean Air00-National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Proctection0300-5143
Osteoporoz Dunyasindan00-Osteoporoz Dernegi1300-9141
Notfall und Hausarztmedizin00-Georg Thieme Verlag1612-8591
Health services manager00-0363-020X
Biomedica Biochimica Acta00-0232-766X
Marketing Health Services00-1094-1304
Pharmaceutical Reviews00-PharmaInfo Publications1918-5561
Oncology Forum00-Scientific Communications International Ltd.1027-779X
Actas luso-espanolas de neurologia y psiquiatria00-0001-7329
British Veterinary Journal00-0007-1935
Japanese Heart Journal00-0021-4868
Contemporary Clinical Gynecology and Obstetrics00-Parthenon Publishing Group1471-8359
The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology00-0033-555X
Acta Anatomica00-0001-5180
Land Contamination and Reclamation00-0967-0513
Internet Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics00-Internet Scientific Publications1528-8439
Bisanzio e l'Occidente00FreeMilano University Press2611-9870
Interlending and Document Supply00-Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.0264-1615
Evidence report/technology assessment (Summary)00-1530-440X
Nature and Resources00-0547-9665
Jingxi Huagong/Fine Chemicals00-1003-5214
Acoustics Letters00-Parjon Information Services0140-1599
Taehan Ch'ikkwa Uisa Hyophoe chi00-
Psychiatric Journal of the University of Ottawa00-0702-8466
Dermatologia Clinica00-0392-1395
Developments in Plant Genetics and Breeding00-Elsevier BV0168-7972
Journal of Optical and Fiber Communication Research00-Springer Verlag1619-8638
Developmental Brain Dysfunction00-1019-5815
Selective Cancer Therapeutics00-1043-0733
Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Geologica00-0001-7132
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Fishes00-Elsevier BV1873-0140
Nutrition Reports International00-0029-6635
Avian and Poultry Biology Reviews00-1470-2061
Machine Intelligence and Pattern Recognition00-Elsevier Science Inc.0923-0459
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society00-American Philosophical Society. Library0003-049X
International Journal of Hydrocarbon Engineering00-1364-3177
Coeur et Medecine Interne00-0010-0234
Dental historian : Lindsay Club newsletter00-0958-6687
Advances in Atomic and Molecular Physics00-0065-2199
Health industry today00-The Business World, Inc.0745-4678
Beschaftigungstherapie und Rehabilitation00-0340-529X
Laboratory Animal Science00-0023-6764
Mountain Geologist00-0027-254X
Revista brasileira de estatistica00-Fundacao Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatisca0034-7175
GEC Review00-0267-9337
World Health00-0043-8502
Revista de Derecho Ambiental00-0214-4042
The Scientific monthly00-0096-3771
Sport en Geneeskunde00-1874-6659
Bulletin - Peak District Mines Historical Society00-
Control and Intelligent Systems00-1480-1752
NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanReviewer Contribution Index API Integration Publisherp-ISSNe-ISSN
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