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NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanAPI Integration Publisherp-ISSNe-ISSN
Plato Journal0FreeCoimbra University Press2079-75672183-4105
озброєння та військова техніка [Weapons and military equipment]0Free2414-0651
Creative Space0FreeChitkara University Publications2321-38922321-7154
Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials0FreeBentham Science Publishers2666-18452666-1853
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Educational Study0FreeAsian Multicultural Research Studies2708-9703
Asian Pacific Journal of Environment and Cancer0FreeWest Asia Organization for Cancer Prevention2645-5404
Journal of Ayurvedic Herbal and Integrative Medicine0FreeGranthaalayah Publications and Printers2582-9955
Bisanzio e l'Occidente00FreeMilano University Press2611-9870
ACME00FreeMilano University Press0001-494X2282-0035
Current Proteomics0FreeBentham Science Publishers1570-1646
Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering0FreeIran University of Science and Technology1735-28272383-3890
Fullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures0-Marcel Dekker Inc.1536-383X1536-4046
International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning0FreeInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association1743-76011743-761X
Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology0PlusEditrice II Sedicesimo1122-6714
Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences0Free1925-7430
Journal of Forensic Biomechanics0Free2090-2697
Itinera. Rivista di filosofia e di teoria delle arti.0FreeUniversity of Milan2039-9251
Pediatrics and Neonatal Nursing – Open Journal0FreeOpenventio Publishers2377-1569
Revista Geografica de America Central0FreeUniversidad Nacional "Campus Omar Dengo"1011-484X2215-2563
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences0Free2721-804X2721-8104
Jurnal Berita ilmu keperawatan0FreeUniversitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta1979-26972721-1797
AGROSAINSTEK: Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Pertanian0FreeUniversitas Bangka Belitung2615-22072579-843X
Parafrase: Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies0FreeUniversity of 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya1412-62062580-5886
Epicentro - Revista de Investigación Ciencias de la Salud0FreeUniversidad Central del Paraguay2789-78182789-7826
Food In00FreeMilano University Press2039-1544
Algerian Journal of Health Sciences00FreeThematic Agency for Research in Health Sciences (ATRSS)2710-80822716-9464
Judgment and Decision Making0FreeSociety for Judgment and Decision Making1930-2975
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology0FreeBentham Science Publishers B.V.2211-73852211-7393
Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy0FreeRoutledge1743-2979
Enliven: Biostatistics and Metrics0Free
Pediatric Urology Case Reports0Free2148-2969
Surgical Research – Open Journal 0FreeOpenventio Publishers2377-8407
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation0Free1460-7425
Revista Praxis0FreeUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica1409-309X2215-3659
Current Physical Chemistry0FreeBentham Science Publishers1877-94681877-9476
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-Asia0FreeBentham Science Publishers2210-68122210-6820
Asian Journal of Convergence in Technology0FreeAsian Society for Scientific Research2350-1146
Resources and Environmental Economics00FreeSyncSci Publishing Pte. Ltd.2630-4457
Podium. Revista de la ciencia y la tecnología en Cultura Física0FreeUniversidad de Pinar del Río1996-24521996-2452
Resenha Eleitoral0FreeUNIVALI (Universidade do Vale do Itajai)0104-61522675-7613
Open Science Journal0Free2466-4308
Scholar: National School of Leadership00FreeIARS' Press, Australia2320-30132320-3013
Journal of Entrepreneurship0-SAGE Publications0971-3557
Biblios0FreeUniversity Library System, University of Pittsburgh1562-4730
Current Diabetes Reviews0FreeBentham Science Publishers1573-3998
Enliven: Neurology and Neurotechnology0Free
Sanità Pubblica Veterinaria0Free1592-1581
Drammaturgia0FreeFirenze University Press2283-5644
Revista de Pesquisa Cuidado é Fundamental Online0Free2175-5361
Voces de la educación0FreeVoces de la educación1665-15962448-6248
Revista Filosófica de Coimbra0FreeImprensa da Universidade de Coimbra0872-08512184-7584
озброєння та військова техніка [Weapons and military equipment]0Free2414-0651
Journal of Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and its Applications0FreeChitkara University Publications2349-75642349-7769
Current Applied Polymer Science0FreeBentham Science Publishers2452-27162452-2724
Agriprima, Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences0Free2549-29342549-2942
Journal of Harmonized Research in Applied Science0FreeeSciRes Publications2321-7456
Journal for the Interdisciplinary Art and Education0FreeGenç Bilge Publishing House2717-88702717-8870
Narra J0FreeNarra Sains Indonesia2807-2618
International Review of Philanthropy and Social Investment00Free2708-33142708-3322
International Journal of Sensors, Wireless Communications and Control0FreeBentham Science Publishers B.V.2210-32792210-3287
Current Gene Therapy0FreeBentham Science Publishers1566-5232
Journal of Applied Molecular Cell Biology0Free2412-2580
Journal of Harmonized Research in Pharmacy0FreeJournal of Harmonized Research Publications2321-0958
International Journal of Phytopatology0Free2313-1241
Obesity Research – Open Journal0FreeOpenventio Publishers2377-8385
International Journal of Language and Literary Studies0FreeTawasul International Centre for Publishing, Research and Dialogue2704-55282704-7156
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Reserach0FreeMRI Publication Pvt. Ltd2320-9267
Dalat University Journal of Science0FreeDalat University0866-787X
Journal of Engineering0Free1726-40732520-3339
PRAXIS Undergraduate Medical Research Journal0-
Letters in Drug Design & Discovery0FreeBentham Science Publishers1570-18081875-628X
Current Green Chemistry0FreeBentham Science Publishers2213-34612213-347X
Pakistan Journal of Public Health0FreeGovernment of Pakistan, Health Services Academy2225-08912226-7018
Frontiers in Management and Business00FreeSyncSci Publishing Pte. Ltd.2717-5340
California Fish and Wildlife Journal0FreeCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife2689-419X2689-4203
REMAT: Revista Eletrônica da Matemática0FreeInstituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS)2447-2689
Interfaces: A Journal of Medieval European Literatures00FreeMilano University Press2421-5503
Jurnal Kesehatan Metro Sai Wawai00FreePolitektik Kesehatan Tanjungkarang (Health Polytechnic of Tanjungkarang)1979-469X2657-1390
Comunicata Scientiae0FreeFederal University of Piaui2176-90792177-5133
Natural Products Journal0FreeBentham Science Publishers B.V.2210-31552210-3163
Current Drug Research Reviews0FreeBentham Science Publishers B.V.2589-97752589-9783
Enliven: Challenges in Cancer Detection and Therapy0Free
Revista SOCAMPAR de patología del tórax0FreeSOCAMPAR2529-9859
Aestimum e Pubblicazioni Ce.S.E.T.0FreeFirenze University Press1724-2118
Pancreas – Open Journal0FreeOpenventio Publishers2471-142X
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment0FreeWIT Press1743-3541
Hystrix the Italian Journal of Mammalogy0FreeAssociazione Teriologica Italiana0394-19141825-5272
Pakistan journal of medicine and dentistry0Freeziauddin University2313-73712308-2593
MHSalud0FreeUniversidad Nacional1659-097X
Ciencias Veterinarias0FreeUniversidad Nacional, Costa Rica0250-56492215-4507
Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry0FreeBentham Science Publishers1871-52571875-6182
BJPsych Advances0FreeCambridge University Press1355-51461472-1481
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology Letters0FreeBio Science Publisher
Advances in Developmental and Educational Psychology00FreeSyncSci Publishing Pte. Ltd.2591-7870
ALTRALANG Journal0FreeUniversity of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed2710-79222710-8619
Anti-Trafficking Review0FreeGlobal Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)2286-75112287-0113
Amity Journal of Professional Practices00FreeIARS' Press, Australia2769-5778
Sound Stage Screen00FreeMilano University Press2784-8949
Current Enzyme Inhibition0FreeBentham Science Publishers1573-4080
Enliven: Pediatrics and Neonatal Biology0Free2379-5824
NameRegistered Peer ReviewsCredits DistributedPlanReviewer Contribution Index