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NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal00BasicApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society10544887Astronomy and Astrophysics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Computers in Libraries00BasicInformation Today, Inc.10417915General Computer Science, Library and Information Sciences
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice00BasicElsevier Ltd.09658564Civil and Structural Engineering, Management Science and Operations Research, Transportation
Photonics Research00BasicOSA Publishing23279125Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
Applied Mathematics E - Notes00BasicTsinghua University16072510Applied Mathematics
International Journal of Iberian Studies00BasicIntellect Books1364971XHistory, Political Science and International Relations, Sociology and Political Science
Thoracic Surgery Clinics00BasicElsevier BV15474127Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine, Surgery
Fabad Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences00BasicSociety of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ankara13004182Pharmaceutical Science
Arkansas Historical Quarterly00BasicArkansas Historical Association00041823History
Urologia00BasicWichtig Publishing03915603General Medicine
Psicologia Sociale00BasicIl Mulino publishing house18272517Social Psychology
Assistenza Infermieristica e Ricerca00BasicII Pensiero Scientifico Editore srl15925986General Nursing
Biological Bulletin00BasicUniversity of Chicago Press00063185General Agricultural and Biological Sciences
International Review of Victimology00BasicSAGE Publications Inc.02697580Law, Sociology and Political Science
Turkish Journal of Surgery00BasicAVES Ibrahim Kara13000705Surgery
Religion in Chinese Societies00BasicEntomological Society of Canada18776264Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Religious studies
BioCycle00BasicJ G Press, Inc.02765055Soil Science, Waste Management and Disposal
Medical Mycology Case Reports00BasicElsevier BV22117539Infectious Diseases, Microbiology
American Communication Journal00BasicAmerican Communication Association15325865Communication
Tyndale Bulletin00BasicTyndale House Publishers00827118Religious studies
Russian Entomological Journal00BasicKMK Scientific Press Ltd.01328069Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics, Insect Science
Journal of Early Childhood Literacy00BasicSAGE Publications Inc.14687984Education
NeuroImage: Clinical00BasicElsevier BV22131582Clinical Neurology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurology, Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging
Annals of Nuclear Medicine00BasicSpringer Japan09147187General Medicine, Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging
Carbohydrate Research00BasicElsevier Ltd.00086215Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Medicine, Organic Chemistry
Journal of International Migration and Integration00BasicSpringer Netherlands14883473Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Demography
Optical Materials Express00BasicOptical Society of America21593930Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
International Journal for Parasitology101BasicElsevier BV00207519Infectious Diseases, Parasitology
African Review of Physics00BasicAfrican Physical Society22236589General Physics and Astronomy
Studies in Global Social History00BasicBrill18746705Cultural Studies, Demography, History, Sociology and Political Science
Chinese Physics Letters00BasicInstitute of Physics Publishing0256307XGeneral Physics and Astronomy
Computer Assisted Language Learning00BasicTaylor & Francis09588221Computer Science Applications, Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language
ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing00BasicAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)19367228Computer Science Applications, Human-Computer Interaction
Biochemical Engineering Journal404BasicElsevier BV1369703XBioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering
Critical Perspectives on International Business00BasicEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.17422043Business and International Management, Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
Proteomics Insights00BasicLibertas Academica Ltd.11786418Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Biopolymers and Cell00BasicNaukova Dumka02337657General Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
Brazilian Archives of Digestive Surgery00BasicColegio Brasileiro de Cirurgia Digestiva01026720General Medicine
Voprosy Kognitivnoy Lingvistiki00BasicRALK18123228Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language
Cross-Cultural Research00BasicSAGE Publications10693971Anthropology, Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous), Psychology (miscellaneous)
Kuangwu Yanshi00BasicKuang wu yan shi bian ji bu10016872Geology
American Journal of Translational Research00Basice-Century Publishing Corporation19438141Cancer Research, Clinical Biochemistry, General Medicine, Molecular Medicine
Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions00BasicSpringer Verlag18612253Endocrinology, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Journal of Materials Research202BasicCambridge University Press08842914Condensed Matter Physics, General Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Materials
Journal of Geography00BasicTaylor & Francis00221341Earth-Surface Processes, Geography, Planning and Development
Canadian Public Administration00BasicWiley-Blackwell00084840Public Administration, Sociology and Political Science
Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology101BasicElsevier BV18788181Agronomy and Crop Science, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Food Science
Studies in Jewish History and Culture00BasicBrill15685004Cultural Studies, History
Digital Investigation00BasicElsevier BV17422876Computer Science Applications, Law, Medical Laboratory Technology
Lingua e Stile00BasicSocieta Editrice II Mulino0024385XLanguage and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory, Philosophy
Architectural Research Quarterly00BasicCambridge University Press13591355Architecture, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Ricerche di Storia Politica00BasicIl Mulino publishing house11209526History, Political Science and International Relations
Journal of the American College of Cardiology00BasicElsevier BV07351097Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce00BasicJefferson Law Book Co.00222410Law, Political Science and International Relations
Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention (Russian Federation)00BasicVserossiiskoe Obshchestvo Kardiologov17288800Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Medieval Law and Its Practice00BasicEntomological Society of Canada18738176Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous), History, Law
Electronic Communications in Probability00BasicInstitute of Mathematical Statistics1083589XStatistics and Probability, Statistics, Probability and Uncertainty
e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology00BasicThe Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science13480391Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Condensed Matter Physics, Mechanics of Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, Surfaces, Coatings and Films
Siberian Electronic Mathematical Reports00BasicSobolev Institute of Mathematics18133304General Mathematics
Journal of Occupational Health Psychology00BasicAmerican Psychological Association10768998Applied Psychology, Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
Balkan Studies Library00BasicBrill18776272General Arts and Humanities, General Social Sciences
Modern Language Review00BasicModern Humanities Research Association00267937Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory
Bulletin Mathematique de la Societe des Sciences Mathematiques de Roumanie00BasicSocietatea de Stiinte Matematice din Romania12203874General Mathematics
Studia Historica, Historia Medieval00BasicUniversidad de Salamanca02132060History
New Scientist00BasicReed Business02624079Multidisciplinary
Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied00BasicHeldref Publications00223980Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous), Education, General Psychology
Egodocuments and History Series00BasicBrill1873653XHistory, Literature and Literary Theory
New Political Science00BasicRoutledge07393148Sociology and Political Science
China Agricultural Economic Review00BasicEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.1756137XAgricultural and Biological Sciences (miscellaneous), Economics and Econometrics
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society00BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.00028614Geriatrics and Gerontology
Documenta Praehistorica00BasicUniverza v Ljubljani1408967XAnthropology, Archaeology, Archaeology
Fossils00BasicPalaeontological Society of Japan/Nihon Koseibutsu Gakkai00229202Palaeontology
Clinical Medicine Insights: Therapeutics00BasicLibertas Academica1179559XGeneral Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery00BasicWilliams & Wilkins Co.00321052Surgery
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research00BasicElsevier BV03770273Geochemistry and Petrology, Geophysics
Enfances, Familles, Generations00BasicErudit Publishers17086310Anthropology, Social Psychology, Social Sciences (miscellaneous)
Giornale italiano di endodonzia11BasicC I C Edizioni International srl11214171General Dentistry
Pharmacologyonline00BasicSILAE18278620Drug Discovery, Pharmacology
Zhiwu Shengli Xuebao/Plant Physiology Journal00BasicScience Press20951108General Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Reneng Dongli Gongcheng/Journal of Engineering for Thermal Energy and Power00BasicZhongguo Chuanbo Zonggonsi10012060Condensed Matter Physics, Mechanical Engineering
Marine Geology00BasicElsevier BV00253227Geochemistry and Petrology, Geology, Oceanography
European Oncology and Haematology00BasicTouch Digital Media20455275Hematology, Oncology
Heterocycles00BasicElsevier BV03855414Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology
Hong Kong Medical Journal00BasicHong Kong Academy of Medicine Press10242708General Medicine
IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics : [proceedings]00BasicInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.19457901General Medicine
Modern Physics Letters A00BasicWorld Scientific Publishing Co02177323Astronomy and Astrophysics, General Physics and Astronomy, Nuclear and High Energy Physics
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine00BasicInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers10459243Condensed Matter Physics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience303BasicFrontiers Media S.A.16634365Ageing, Cognitive Neuroscience
International Sports Studies00BasicLogos Verlag Berlin GmbH14430770Applied Psychology, Education
IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics00BasicInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers1077260XAtomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Industrial and Commercial Training00BasicEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.00197858Education, General Business, Management and Accounting, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Rangelands00BasicElsevier Inc.01900528Ecology, Geography, Planning and Development, Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law
Giornale di Storia Costituzionale00BasicEdizioni Universita Macerata15930793History, Law
Toxicon00BasicElsevier Ltd.00410101Toxicology
Nuclear Physics A00BasicElsevier BV03759474Nuclear and High Energy Physics
IEEE Transactions on Reliability00BasicInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers00189529Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality
Global Food Security00BasicElsevier22119124Ecology, Food Science, Safety Research, Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality
Informacije MIDEM00BasicStrokovno Drustvo za Mikroelektroniko03529045Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
International Journal of Construction Education and Research00BasicTaylor & Francis15503984Building and Construction, Education
Revista Brasileira de Crescimento e Desenvolvimento Humano00BasicCentro de Estudos do Crescimento e do Desenvolvimento do Ser Humano01041282Life-span and Life-course Studies
NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
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