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NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
Die Erde0BasicGesellschaft fur erdkunde zu Berlin00139998Atmospheric Science, Ecology, General Earth and Planetary Sciences, General Energy
Clinics in Perinatology0BasicW. B. Saunders Co., Ltd.00955108Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Perinatology, and Child Health
Journal of International Studies0BasicCentre of Sociological Research2071833023063483Economics and Econometrics, Sociology and Political Science
Handbook of Environmental Economics0BasicElsevier BV15740099Economics and Econometrics, Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law
Health Informatics Journal0BasicSAGE Publications14604582Health Informatics
Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy0BasicUniversity of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy1314747113143859General Chemical Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Journal of International Migration and Integration0BasicSpringer Netherlands14883473Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Demography
Advances in Immunology0BasicElsevier Inc.00652776Immunology, Immunology and Allergy
Educational Gerontology0BasicTaylor & Francis0360127715210472Education, Geriatrics and Gerontology
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A: Bridging Education and Research0BasicJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.1546608615525023
Bulletin of Russian State Medical University0BasicPirogov Russian National Research Medical University2500109425421204General Medicine
Acta Parasitologica0BasicWalter de Gruyter GmbH1230282118961851Parasitology
Illinois Journal of Mathematics0BasicUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Mathematics00192082General Mathematics
Journal of Energy Chemistry0BasicElsevier BV20954956Electrochemistry, Energy (miscellaneous), Energy Engineering and Power Technology, Fuel Technology
Journal of Planning History0BasicSAGE Publications1538513215526585Geography, Planning and Development
Clinical Neurosurgery0BasicWilliams & Wilkins Co.00694827Clinical Neurology, Surgery
American Journal of Surgery0BasicElsevier BV00029610General Medicine, Surgery
Ergonomics0BasicTaylor & Francis0014013913665847Human Factors and Ergonomics, Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology0BasicJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.1941732219388969Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, General Medicine
Brazilian Dental Science0BasicUniversidade Estadual Paulista, Institute of Science and Technology of Sao Jose dos Campo21786011General Dentistry
Advances in Parasitology0BasicElsevier Inc.0065308XGeneral Medicine, Parasitology
International Business Review0BasicElsevier Ltd.09695931Business and International Management, Finance, Marketing
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities and Offending Behaviour0BasicEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.20508824Clinical Psychology, Pathology and Forensic Medicine, Phychiatric Mental Health, Psychiatry and Mental health
Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu0BasicCambridge University Press1474748014753030General Mathematics
Critical Reviews in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine0BasicBegell House08962960Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation
Archiv der Pharmazie0BasicJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd.0365623315214184Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical Science
Family Relations0BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.0197666417413729Developmental and Educational Psychology, Education, Social Sciences (miscellaneous)
DYNA0BasicUniversidad Nacional de Colombia00127353General Engineering
Iconographica0BasicSISMEL Edizioni del Galluzzo17201764Cultural Studies, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
American Pharmaceutical Review0BasicRussell Publishing LLC10998012Pharmaceutical Science
International Journal of Remote Sensing0BasicTaylor & Francis0143116113665901General Earth and Planetary Sciences
Journal of Pentecostal Theology0BasicBrill0966736917455251Religious studies
Kuangwu Yanshi0BasicKuang wu yan shi bian ji bu10016872Geology
Developments in Petroleum Science0BasicElsevier BV03767361General Energy, Geochemistry and Petrology, Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology
Balkan Medical Journal0BasicGalenos Yayincilik2146312321463131General Medicine
Journal of Geography0BasicTaylor & Francis00221341Earth-Surface Processes, Geography, Planning and Development
Gastroenterologia y Hepatologia0BasicEdiciones Doyma S.A.02105705Gastroenterology, Hepatology
Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics0BasicInter-Research Science Publishing16118014Ecology, Education, Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law, Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science
European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies0BasicSocieta Archeologica srl20397895Archaeology, Archaeology
Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology0BasicAnnual Reviews Inc.0362164215454304Pharmacology, Toxicology
Jiegou Huaxue0BasicChinese Academy of Sciences02545861General Chemistry
Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology0BasicElsevier BV22132945Pathology and Forensic Medicine
Lingua e Stile0BasicSocieta Editrice II Mulino0024385XLanguage and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory, Philosophy
Electric Power Components and Systems0BasicTaylor & Francis15325008Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering and Power Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Boletin de Malariologia y Salud Ambiental0BasicInstituto de Altos Estudios "Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldon"16904648Infectious Diseases, Parasitology, Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce0BasicJefferson Law Book Co.00222410Law, Political Science and International Relations
Geographica Helvetica0BasicCopernicus GmbH0016731221948798Anthropology, Earth-Surface Processes, Geography, Planning and Development, Global and Planetary Change
Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy0BasicS. Karger AG1015383714219964Embryology, General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Perinatology, and Child Health, Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging
International Journal of Powertrains0BasicInderscience Enterprises Ltd.1742426717424275Automotive Engineering, Energy Engineering and Power Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Archives of Histology and Cytology0BasicInternational Society of Histology and Cytology/Kokusai Soshiki Saibou Gakkai0914946513491717Histology
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research0BasicMorgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.10769757Artificial Intelligence
Korean Chemical Engineering Research0BasicThe Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers0304128X22339558General Chemical Engineering
Materials Physics and Mechanics0BasicPeter the Great St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University1605273016058119Condensed Matter Physics, General Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Materials
ESQ - Journal of the American Renaissance0BasicWashington State University Press00938297Literature and Literary Theory
Business History Review0BasicCambridge University Press00076805Business and International Management, Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous), History
Journal of Occupational Health Psychology0BasicAmerican Psychological Association10768998Applied Psychology, Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
Ground Water0BasicWiley-Blackwell0017467XComputers in Earth Sciences, Water Science and Technology
Genes and Genomics0BasicThe Korean Society of Genetics19769571Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Sankhya B0BasicSpringer India0976838609768394Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Probability, Statistics, Probability and Uncertainty
Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali0BasicAccademia Nazionale dei Lincei11206349General Agricultural and Biological Sciences, General Earth and Planetary Sciences, General Environmental Science
Journal of China Pharmaceutical University0BasicChina Pharmaceutical University10005048Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology
Mathematical Control and Related Fields0BasicAmerican Institute of Mathematical Sciences21568472Applied Mathematics, Control and Optimization
Modern Language Review0BasicModern Humanities Research Association00267937Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory
Chemical Modelling0BasicRoyal Society of Chemistry05848555Chemistry (miscellaneous)
Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied0BasicHeldref Publications00223980Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous), Education, General Psychology
Hepatology Research0BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.13866346Hepatology, Infectious Diseases
Huozhayao Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Explosives and Propellants0BasicChina Ordnance Industry Corp.10077812Fuel Technology, General Chemical Engineering
Eastern Journal of European Studies0BasicUniversitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza2068651X20686633General Economics, Econometrics and Finance, History, Political Science and International Relations, Sociology and Political Science
Journal of Dermatological Science0BasicElsevier BV09231811Biochemistry, Dermatology, Molecular Biology
Monatsschrift fur Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform0BasicCarl Heymanns Verlag KG00269301Law
New Political Science0BasicRoutledge07393148Sociology and Political Science
Functional Neurology0BasicCIC Edizioni Internazionali s.r.l.0393526419713274Clinical Neurology, General Medicine, General Neuroscience
Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry0BasicDove Medical Press Ltd11791357General Dentistry
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society0BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.00028614Geriatrics and Gerontology
IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials0BasicThe Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan0385420513475533Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Innovar0BasicUniversidad Nacional de Colombia01215051Accounting, Marketing, Public Administration, Sociology and Political Science, Strategy and Management
Edgar Allan Poe Review0BasicPenn State University Press2150042821662932Literature and Literary Theory
Cedille0BasicFundacion Universitaria Espanola16994949Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory
Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning0BasicCarfax Publishing Ltd.1523908X15227200Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law
npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine0BasicNature Publishing Group20551010Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health, Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine
OR Spektrum0BasicSpringer Verlag0171646814366304Management Science and Operations Research
Headache0BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.0017874815264610Clinical Neurology, Neurology
Cromohs0BasicFirenze University Press11237023History, History and Philosophy of Science
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research0BasicElsevier BV03770273Geochemistry and Petrology, Geophysics
International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining0BasicIdea Group Publishing1548392415483932Hardware and Architecture, Software
Wellcome Open Research0BasicF1000 Research Ltd.2398502XGeneral Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Medicine (miscellaneous)
Clays and Clay Minerals0BasicThe Clay Minerals Society00098604Earth and Planetary Sciences (miscellaneous), Geochemistry and Petrology, Soil Science, Water Science and Technology
Journal of Group Theory0BasicWalter de Gruyter GmbH14335883Algebra and Number Theory
PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology0BasicPalArch Foundation1567214XArchaeology, Archaeology, History
Pharmacologyonline0BasicSILAE18278620Drug Discovery, Pharmacology
Hyle0BasicHyle Publications1433515816174240General Chemistry, Philosophy
Dialectologia0BasicUniversitat de Barcelona20132247Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language
Marine Geology0BasicElsevier BV00253227Geochemistry and Petrology, Geology, Oceanography
International Journal of Social Welfare0BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.1369686614682397Sociology and Political Science
International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications0BasicCarfax Publishing Ltd.136755671469848XComputer Science Applications, Control and Systems Engineering, Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Management Science and Operations Research
Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies0BasicState Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Salatiga208914902406825XReligious studies, Sociology and Political Science
Connective Tissue Research0BasicTaylor & Francis0300820716078438Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Rheumatology
Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals0BasicJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.0362480310991344Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Drug Discovery, Organic Chemistry, Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging, Spectroscopy
Pragmatics and Society0BasicJohn Benjamins Publishing Company1878971418789722Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language
Politix0BasicArmand Colin Editeur0295231919538286Sociology and Political Science
NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
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