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NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
Archivio Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia22BasicPagePress Publications1124-35622282-4197
Archivio Penale0BasicPisa University Press0004030423849479Law
Archivio Storico Italiano0BasicCasa Editrice Leo S. Olschki03917770History
Archivium Hibernicum0BasicIrish University Press for the Catholic Record Society of Ireland00448745History
Archivo Espanol de Arqueologia0BasicCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas00666742Archaeology, Archaeology, History
Archivo Espanol de Arte0BasicCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas0004042819888511Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Archivos Argentinos de Pediatria0BasicSociedad Argentina de Pediatria0325007516683501Pediatrics, Perinatology, and Child Health
Archivos de Alergia e Inmunologia Clinica0BasicAsociacion Argentina de Alergia e Inmunologia Clinic15159825Immunology and Allergy
Archivos de Bronconeumologia0BasicEdiciones Doyma S.A.03002896Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine
Archivos de Cardiologia de Mexico0BasicInstituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignazio Chavez14059940Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Archivos de la Sociedad Espanola de Oftalmologia0BasicElsevier Ltd.03656691Ophthalmology
Archivos de Medicina del Deporte0BasicFederacion Espanola De Medicina Del Deporte02128799Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Archivos de Neurociencias0BasicInstituto Nacional de Neurologia y Neurocirugia Manuel Velosco Suarez10285938Clinical Neurology, Neurology
Archivos de Zootecnia0BasicInstituto De Zootecnica00040592Animal Science and Zoology
Archivos Espanoles de Urologia0BasicIniestares S.A.0004061415768260General Medicine, Urology
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion0BasicSociedad Latinoamericana de Nutricion00040622Medicine (miscellaneous), Nutrition and Dietetics
Archivos Venezolanos de Farmacologia y Terapeutica0BasicTribuna Medica Venezolana07980264Pharmacology, Pharmacology (medical)
Archivum Franciscanum Historicum0BasicCollegio San Bonaventura00040665History, Religious studies
Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis0BasicOssolineum Publishing House0004069XGeneral Medicine, Immunology, Immunology and Allergy
Archivum Mathematicum0BasicMasaryk University0044875312125059General Mathematics
Archiwum Medycyny Sadowej i Kryminologii0BasicTermedia Publishing House Ltd.03248267General Medicine
Archnet-IJAR0BasicEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.1994696119387806Architecture, Urban Studies
Arctic0BasicArctic Institute of North America00040843Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research0BasicUniversity of Colorado15230430Earth-Surface Processes, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics, Global and Planetary Change
Arctic Anthropology0BasicUniversity of Wisconsin Press00666939Anthropology, Cultural Studies
Ardea0BasicNetherlandse Ornithologische Unie/Netherlands Ornithological Union03732266Animal Science and Zoology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Ardeola0BasicSociedad Espanola de Ornitologia05707358Animal Science and Zoology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Area0BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.0004089414754762Geography, Planning and Development
Area Development and Policy0BasicRoutledge23792957Geography, Planning and Development, Nature and Landscape Conservation, Public Administration, Sociology and Political Science, Urban Studies
Arenal0BasicUniversidad de Granada11346396Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, History
Arete0BasicPontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru/Departamento de Humanidades, Peru1016913X22233741Philosophy
Arethusa0BasicJohns Hopkins University Press00040975Classics, Cultural Studies, Literature and Literary Theory
Argument and Computation0BasicIOS Press1946216619462174Artificial Intelligence, Computational Mathematics, Computer Science Applications, Linguistics and Language
Argumenta Oeconomica0BasicWroclaw University Economics12335835Economics and Econometrics, Strategy and Management
Argumenta Philosophica0BasicHerder Editorial2462499324625906Anthropology, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy, Religious studies, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Argumentation0BasicD. Reidel Pub. Co.0920427XLinguistics and Language, Philosophy
Arheologia Moldovei0BasicEditura Academiei Romane0066735825015893Archaeology, Archaeology
Arheoloski Vestnik0BasicZRC SAZU, Zalozba ZRC0570896615811204Archaeology, Archaeology
Arhiv za Farmaciju0BasicFarmaceutsko Drustvo Srbije0004196322178767Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology
Arhiv za Higijenu Rada i Toksikologiju0BasicInstitute for Medical Research and Occupational Health0004125418486312Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health, Toxicology
Arid Ecosystems0BasicPleiades Publishing2079096120790988Ecology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics, Global and Planetary Change, Soil Science
Arid Land Research and Management101BasicTaylor & Francis1532498215210405Soil Science
Ariel0BasicJohns Hopkins University Press00041327Literature and Literary Theory
Aries0BasicBrill1567989615700593History, Philosophy, Religious studies
Aries Book Series0BasicBrill18711405Philosophy, Religious studies
Arion - Journal of Humanities and the Classics0BasicBoston University00955809Classics, Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory
Arizona Quarterly0BasicJohns Hopkins University Press0004161015589595Cultural Studies, Literature and Literary Theory
Arkansas Historical Quarterly0BasicArkansas Historical Association00041823History
Arkhiv Patologii0BasicMedia Sphera Publishing Group00041955Pathology and Forensic Medicine
Arkiv for Matematik0BasicInternational Press of Boston, Inc.00042080General Mathematics
Arkiv for Nordisk Filologi0BasicLunds Universitet00667668Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory
Arkivoc0BasicArkat USA1551700415517012Organic Chemistry
Armed Forces and Society0BasicSAGE Publications0095327XSafety Research, Social Sciences (miscellaneous), Sociology and Political Science
Armenian Journal of Mathematics0BasicRepublic of Armenia National Academy of Sciences18291163General Mathematics
Arms and Armour0BasicManey Publishing17416124History, Religious studies
Arnold Mathematical Journal0BasicSpringer International Publishing AG2199679221996806General Mathematics
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences0BasicAsian Research Publishing Network (ARPN)18196608General Engineering
ARQ0BasicPontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile0716085207176996Architecture, Conservation, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Arqueologia0BasicFacultad de Filosofia y Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires03275159Archaeology, Archaeology
Arqueologia de la Arquitectura0BasicCSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas16952731Archaeology, Archaeology, Architecture, Conservation, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Arqueologia Iberoamericana0BasicPascual Izquierdo-Egea19894104Archaeology, Archaeology
Arqueologia Mexicana0BasicEditorial Raices01888218Archaeology, Archaeology
Arquiteturarevista0BasicUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS)18085741Architecture
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia0BasicUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais01020935General Veterinary
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia0BasicSociedad Brasileira De Cardiologia0066782XCardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia0BasicBelfort Editora00042749General Medicine, Ophthalmology
Arquivos Brasileiros de Psicologia0BasicFundacao Getulio Vargas0100869218095267General Psychology
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia0BasicInstituto Brasileiro de Estudos e Pesquisas de Gastroenterologia/Brazilian Institute for Studies and Research in Gastroenterology00042803Gastroenterology
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria0BasicAssociacao Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria Dr. Oswaldo Lange0004282XBiological Psychiatry, Clinical Neurology
Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Review0BasicRadcliffe Cardiology2050336920503377Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine, Physiology (medical)
Ars Aeterna0BasicDe Gruyter Open Ltd.1337929124508497Cultural Studies, Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Language, Literature and Literary Theory
Ars Combinatoria0BasicCharles Babbage Research Centre03817032General Mathematics
Ars et Humanitas0BasicLjubljana University Press, Faculy of Arts1854963223504218General Arts and Humanities
Ars Longa0BasicUniversitat de Valencia, Department d'Historia de l'Art11307099Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Ars Mathematica Contemporanea0BasicDMFA Slovenije1855396618553974Algebra and Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics, Geometry and Topology, Theoretical Computer Science
Ars Orientalis0BasicDepartment of History of Art05711371Archaeology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art and Perception0BasicBrill2213490522134913Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art Bulletin0BasicTaylor & Francis00043079History, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education0BasicIntellect Ltd.1474273XCommunication, Education, General Arts and Humanities
Art Documentation0BasicUniversity of Chicago Press0730718721619417Archaeology, Library and Information Sciences, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art History0BasicBlackwell Publishing Inc.0141679014678365Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art in America0BasicF.F. Sherman00043214Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art in Translation0BasicTaylor & Francis17561310Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art Inquiry0BasicLodzkie Towarzystwo Naukowe1641927824510327Cultural Studies, Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art Journal0BasicTaylor & Francis00043249Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Art Therapy0BasicTaylor & Francis07421656Clinical Psychology
Arte Cristiana0BasicScuola Beato Angelico00043400Religious studies, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Arte, Individuo y Sociedad0BasicUniversidad Complutense de Madrid1131559819882408Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Arterial Hypertension0BasicVia Medica2449617024496162Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Internal Medicine
Arterial Hypertension (Russian Federation)0BasicAll-Russian Public Organization Antihypertensive League1607419X24118524Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine, Internal Medicine
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology224BasicLippincott Williams & Wilkins Ltd.1079564215244636Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Artery Research0BasicElsevier BV18729312Anatomy, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine, Physiology (medical)
Artforum International0BasicArtforum10867058Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Arthritis and Rheumatology0BasicJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd23265205Immunology, Immunology and Allergy, Rheumatology
Arthritis Care and Research101BasicJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.2151464XRheumatology
Arthritis Research and Therapy0BasicBioMed Central14786354Immunology, Immunology and Allergy, Rheumatology
Arthroplasty Today0BasicElsevier Inc.23523441Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Surgery
Arthropod-Plant Interactions0BasicSpringer Verlag1872885518728847Agronomy and Crop Science, Ecology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Arthropod Structure and Development0BasicElsevier Ltd.14678039Developmental Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics, General Medicine, Insect Science
Arthropod Systematics and Phylogeny0BasicStaatliche Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden1863722118648312Genetics, Insect Science
NameCredits DistributedClaimsAccountPublisherp-ISSNe-ISSNTopics
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