How many times have you given up registering for an online service, because you were tired of the time it was taking? The sign-up process has always been one of the key moments for the user. It’s when you decide whether or not to be part of a community. In or out. That is why we have focused our efforts on this essential part of our website in recent months.

After several months of studying and testing many sign-up processes on different digital platforms, last august we finally launched a much smoother and more user-friendly sign-up experience: Light Sign-Up. Previously, we had a sign-up process that was longer to follow and less easy to fill out. The time spent on the page was higher compared to the current Light Sign-Up, and sometimes the drop-out rate reached relatively high peaks.

Our development team has created a solution that meets five basic requirements: AccessibilityClarityEfficiencySpeedUsability.
Five like the steps that make up the new Sign-up process, of which the first already entitles you to be part of ReviewerCredits by entering only your email address and a password.

reviewercredits light sign up


But be careful: only by completing the other steps, you will be able to take advantage of all the services we have designed for you.



Filling in the available fields will enrich your reviewer and researcher profile, allowing you to link your profile and your work on ORCID, highlight your Academic Status and the topics you are most competent with.
With the new Sign-up process, we have also improved and made more transparent the part relating to the processing of personal data, paying the utmost attention to the respect of the privacy of our users and the GDPR:



But why, if you have already subscribed, should you be interested in the new sign-up process? Easy: to encourage your colleagues to sign up using the feature you probably already know and have used at least once. If you invite a colleague, you will receive 5 bonus credits spendable on our Reward Center!