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This section contains a selection of the main news and events that interest the world of peer review. To stay informed about updates coming from the management of publications, find the reporting of important events, courses or conferences, scheduled around the world; know activities and initiatives related to the peer review coming from involved Associations and Publishers.

scientifyRESEARCH: Peer review – A key ‘transferable skill’ for researchers

Everyone knows that peer review is the cornerstone of academic publishing. We all rely on other experts, our peers, to ‘quality control’ submitted research, to suggest improvements and changes, all before articles are finally – hopefully – published in journals. The higher-profile the journal, the better from a researcher’s perspective, which just makes the peer review process harder and more of a ‘survival story’ for most academics. Indeed, research should not be published in a non-peer reviewed journal and authors should not be ‘suckered’ into placing their work in journals that do not follow standard peer review.

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ReviewerCredits and Prophy.Science Join Forces

Prophy.Science (Copenhagen) and ReviewerCredits (Berlin) have announced that they are entering into a partnership that will alleviate the problem of finding peer reviewers. The two will enable a new solution based on AI-powered optimization from a pool of vetted and verified peer reviewers. This new partnership will solve the ‘bounce back’ issue inherent to finding reviewers, increase scientific transparency, and reward those researchers who carry out this vital task.

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Bentham Emphasizes Unique Strengths in Peer Review via New Relationship with ReviewerCredits

Bentham Science Publishers, the largest academic journal and eBook publisher from the Gulf Region, has always based its success on rigorous and highly effective double-blind peer review. All Bentham peer reviewers are selected from a database of more than 80,000 verified researchers who all have h-indices greater than 5. Editors at Bentham (as well as submitting authors) are never involved in peer reviewer selection.

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One year in Review(er Credits): Musings from Dr Sven Fund

It's been one year since we restarted ReviewerCredits. I know: Time flies when you're having fun! Seriously though, now’s the time to look back over one year of the all new revamped, revitalized, and repositioned ReviewerCredits, take a quick look at what worked well,...

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Crossref Peer Review Integration available now.

Reviewer Credits is happy to announce that reviewers can now import peer reviews registered in Crossref database. Over 300 thousand peer review metadata records in Crossref are now available to import for the reviewers in Reviewer Credits. The registered reviewers can...

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