Nine Good Reasons to join ReviewerCredits

  • Performing peer reviews is a service for the academic community and is crucial for the advancement of science. It is properly perceived as a moral duty, because it is the only way “good science” is recognized and published.
  • However, an accurate and thoughtful peer review is a demanding job. It requires time, competence, other than honesty and passion. There is no reason why the activity as peer reviewer should not be part of each individual resume.
  • What are the advantages of creating an account on
    1. REAL CERTIFICATION OF YOUR PEER REVIEWS DIRECTLY FROM THE EDITORIAL OFFICES OF JOURNALS. All your peer reviews will be certified by Editorial Offices of Journals and will be stored in your account. At the present the certification is manual: you declare you performed a peer review for a given Journal, we contact the Journal and verify your claim. We are working on the automation of the whole process, so that each review performed will be transferred into your account as soon as you submit it.
    2. FILLING IN A CLAIM IS EASY. It takes no more than two minutes. We only need the name of the Journal, the code of the article you reviewed and the editor in charge of the process.
    3. KEEP TRACK OF THE PEER REVIEWS YOU PERFORMED. All your certified peer reviews will be stored in your account. You can easily keep track of your work performed for any Journal in your personal account. You will also see the status of each claim you completed and the addresses they have been sent to.
    4. REQUEST CERTIFICATION OF PEER REVIEWS PERFORMED FOR ANY JOURNAL, REGARDLESS OF THE PUBLISHER. All Journals present in the Scopus database or having an account on can certify your peer reviews.
    5. DOWNLOAD A PDF WITH ALL YOUR CERTIFIED PEER REVIEWS DIVIDED BY YEAR. This certificate can be downloaded from your account and can be enclosed to your resume because all reviews are really certified. This is the reason why we cannot accept the “thank you” mail as a proof that the review has been performed. This has nothing to do with the confidence we have in the honesty of our members, but being the email a plain text document, it is easily editable, and therefore cannot be considered an undeniable proof
    6. RECEIVE CREDITS FOR EACH CERTIFIED PEER REVIEWS. Upon confirmation by editorial offices of your peer reviews, you will receive an amount of credits. The number of credits will be higher if reviews are performed for journals with an account in our website. As our community will grow, we will be able to share our revenues with all our members, accordingly to the number of credits each member has collected.
    7. COLLECT CREDITS ALSO INVITING COLLEAGUE TO JOIN REVIEWERCREDITS.COM. You can send the invitation directly from your account, and you will be able to keep track of whom accepted your invitation.
    8. PEER REVIEWS ARE PERFORMED ANYWAY. Why not taking advantage of your work?
    9. JOINING REVIEWERCREDITS.COM IS FREE. And will always be for peer reviewers
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