OJS 3.x Plugin – ReviewerCredits Integration

ReviewerCredits believes that recognition of peer reviewers improves collaboration and trust between them and the Journals, making the publication workflow more effective and efficient for all. The reviewer rewarding system is, in fact, one of the features offered by ReviewerCredits both to Journals and Publishers.

If your Journal uses Open Journal Systems to manage submissions, download and install our Free Plugin. This Plugin allows automated transfer of peer review data from your Journals to our database, enabling a seamless experience to your reviewers.

By installing the Plugin, your Journal will interact automatically with our API. The Plugin is released within the OJS Plugin Gallery, according to the OJS license rules, and is compatible with OJS 3.x versions.

Open Journal Systems (OJS) 3.x - Plugin Installation/Configuration


If your Journal has not a profile, please open a free account before installing our Plugin.


On your OJS platform go to Settings > Website > Plugins page and click on the “Upload a new plugin”. Upload the Plugin file and click Save. The plugin will be added to your OJS plugins page.


Proceed to configure it clicking on Settings as shown below.



Insert the credentials of your Journal profile on ReviewerCredits.


ReviewerCredits OJS plugin Settings

If the first checkbox, synchronization for Reviewer Contribution Index (RCI), is enabled, transferring the following data of the journal:

  • Journal Title, p-ISSN and e-ISSN
  • Manuscript ID
  • Editorial Decision

If the second checkbox, transfer editor data, is enabled, transferring the following data of the editor:

  • Editor Name
  • Email
  • ORCID (if available)
  • Country

The Plugin connects your Journal to ReviewerCredits database using the reviewer’s ORCID or email address. If a reviewer is not registered on ReviewerCredits, it will not be possible to match the peer review with the reviewer.

Upon submitting their review (in Review step 3), reviewers will find two tick boxes to agree to the transfer of data to ReviewerCredits.com as shown below.

Open Journal systems ojs reviewer credits plugin reviewer

Which data is transferred?

    • Peer reviewer name, email address, and ORCID (for matching purposes)
    • Manuscript ID
    • Peer review due date
    • Peer review submission date

If the “Transfer additional data” checkbox is checked, also sent:

  • Peer review acceptance date
  • Review recommendation
  • Review report length (number of words, not the content)

Upon successful transfer of data, the reviewer will receive a confirmation pop-up message from OJS:

Peer review sent from OJS to Reviewer Credits

If you encounter any problem with installation, you can check our ReviewerCredits OJS Plugin Installation Checklist, and if the problem persists tell us the step you have the problem with on our contact page.

Open Journal Systems (OJS) 3.x - Reports Export/Import

1) Install or upgrade the OJS ReviewerCredits plugin to the most recent version. (As explained in the previous tab “Open Journal Systems (OJS) 3.x – Plugin”)

2) Download the ReviewerCredits Peer Review Report going into OJS Admin Panel > Tools > Report Generator (For OJS 3.3: Statistics > Reports) and then click on “ReviewerCredits.com Peer Review Report“.

OJS Review Export Report Generator

For OJS 3.1 and 3.2

ReviewerCredits OJS 3-3 Open Journal Systems Peer Review Report

For OJS 3.3








Open Journal Systems Peer review reports

4) Once the ReviewerCredits Peer Review Report is downloaded, go to the Journal profile page, and under “Import Peer Review Data” click “Choose File” to upload your peer review report. And then click on “Import Reviews”.

Import Peer Reviews

5) You can also click on the ReviewerCredits Editorial Decision Report to download the decisions file as shown below

Open Journal Systems Editorial Decision Report

6) And import it on your journal profile.

Import Editorial Decisions RC