We launched ReviewerCredits.com in July 2016: the website was developed in php by the small swiss company Joins. We are indebted to Joins and particularly to Fulvio Castelli, who believed in the project and realized the website for a very modest amount. Fulvio understood the potential of the project and believed in it. However, as our numbers begun to grow and we also better understood which were our strategic goals we realized that the architecture of our “dear old” website would not have been adequate for the purposes. As many suggeted us we had to pursue a more modular, scalable structure and, especially, with interoperability capabilities though APIs. Unfortunately we came to realize that, for nobody’s fault, the pathways of ReviewerCredits and Joins were diverging.

As we were seeking for other developers, Bonaria Biancu from the IT department of our University introduced us to Susanna Mornati, working for 4Science, a highly specialized company developing produts and solutions particularly for open access and open data, based on open source technologies and open standards. 4Science has been providing technical contributions to the communities of DSpace, DSpace-CRIS, IIIF and OJS. It did not take long to realize that 4Science was exactly what we were looking for. We are indebted to Susanna MornatiAndrea Bollini and Matteo Perelli for their smart, kind and thoughtful contributions. We definitely found more than “just” a developer Partner.

In June, the development of this website begun, ant today we are extremely proud to send it in production. What are the novelties which we introduce today?

  • Website re-engeneerization for a more fluid and engaging navigation
  • A more efficient back end for claim management (you don’t see this bot we do!)
  • Each Reviewer can customize her/his personal page
  • New types of users (publishers, conferences)


As you read this article, the development of the website continues, to complete our vision of what it will become. What is in the pipeline?

So, now that ReviewerCredits 2.0 is born, be part of it!

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