Original Article Manuscript Development: 10% Discount


– Preparation of a manuscript in as little as 6 weeks
– Compliant with industry and publisher guidelines
– Excellent writing by experienced medical writers
– Ideal for SCI(E) journals

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We develop an Original Article manuscript (3500-4000 words) ready for submission to an SCI journal based on your research data. Following your guidance, we develop an outline of the manuscript and get your feedback and input. Once the structure is agreed upon, we develop the full draft. Projects go through 2 outline stages and 2-3 drafts before being ready for submission.

Important! Edanz does not engage in ghostwriting. Our processes follow industry-standard guidelines on medical writing (GPP3). Our services must be accurately acknowledged. Authors must lead the content development process.

  • What we need from you: CSR / tables, figures, protocol, key messages
  • Turn around time /days: 25
  • Price: USD 17.500