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Connecting science and society

Compliment your scholarly publication and increase the visibility and accessibility of your research with a summary article published in the leading outreach magazine Scientia.

  • Create global impact
  • Increase citations
  • Inspire the next generation
  • Enhance funding opportunities


Given the significant change in the way information is disseminated and accessed, highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, people want more information from researchers, academic institutions, and industry than ever before. As a result, the topic of science communication and research engagement is a growing area of interest.

It is vital to support traditional scholarly publishing and transform science into something enjoyable, understandable and impactful that everyone has a chance to be involved with. Increasing the visibility and accessibility of your research will help to create more opportunities for funding, employment, partnerships, and support.


With over 7000 new papers published daily, researchers must increasingly consider the socioeconomic impact of their work, which is much more than just the number of people who read their articles.

With Scientia, you will receive professional science communication writing, editing, and design support to help you achieve your communication goals.

In short, we do all of the work, allowing you to spend your time on research and teaching. We offer a complete end-to-end production and dissemination service that supports researchers in communicating their work to a broad and diverse audience. Our team works to present your research in the most accessible, understandable and enjoyable way. Audiences with varying levels of expertise and knowledge will be able to understand the significance and potential impact of the research.

Editorial process:

Step 1 – We simply ask that you provide us with the most relevant background material describing your studies. These do not need to be written from scratch and could consist of already available documents.

Step 2 – We ask you to note any key aspects of your work that you want us to highlight. That way, we can tailor the piece to your personal goals and objectives.

Step 3 – We then produce a draft of the article, which is sent back to you for review and approval. We do not publish anything without your 100% approval.

Step 4 – We have a design team that specifically takes care of the visual component of the article. We value your input, so if you would like us to include any particular images or logos, you can simply pass these over to our team and we will take care of the rest.

That’s it, job done! The process shouldn’t take more than 2–3 hours of your time in total over a 4–6 week period.


Scientia is an outreach publication reaching over 80,000 readers worldwide, and quite different to your typical scientific, peer-reviewed publication. We do not disclose researchers’ scientific results for the first time, we simply make (already peer-reviewed) research understandable and widely available to a broader audience, so that non-specialists can learn about the research and appreciate the significance of the results.

Our team will write, edit, and design a 4-page summary of your paper, aimed to reach a broad audience with various levels of understanding. We shall publish your article in our publication Scientia, and also create a SEO ready and user friendly article webpage, helping you to reach thousands more people for your research. Watch the example below:

If you want to go beyond your usual publishing channels and reach a broad and diverse audience, then Scientia is for you.