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Animated research summary 

Turn your research into an eye-catching, informative, 2D animation, allowing you to quickly connect with your target audience and beyond.

  • Create global impact
  • Increase citations
  • Open a dialogue between science and society
  • Enhance funding opportunities


With over 7000 new papers published daily, researchers must think more and more about the socioeconomic impact of their work, much more than just how many people read their articles. Animation can quickly bridge geographic, demographic, and language barriers, allowing you to communicate and quickly share the message of your research to a time-conscious society.

It is estimated that video viewing accounts for 82% of all internet traffic. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. However, it isn’t actually a search engine. This highlights the importance and influence of video communication in the modern world. It is suggested that any topic is shared over 1200% more if a video option is available.

Don’t sit and wait for print and online media to find you. Make sure you have information available in video format, so that people can quickly learn about your research and find out why it’s interesting.


Our team will work with you to shape the message you want to deliver, develop scripts and storyboard imagery to start bringing it to life before we move into the exciting animating stage. We offer a complete end-to-end production service of a 2D animation to turn your research into an eye-catching, informative, visual message, allowing you to quickly reach your target audience and beyond.

Our team is unique. We are a group of academics, publishers, marketers, designers, and media specialists who have come together from around the world to help you achieve maximum impact from your research.

Editorial process:

Step 1 – We ask you to provide us with the research paper you would like as the topic focus.

Step 2 – We write a 500 word layman summary/script to be used as a voiceover for the animation. You have the chance to review, comment, and approve.

Step 3 – Our design team create a storyboard to show which type of graphics and images we plan to use. You have the chance to review, comment, and approve.

Step 4 – Your full 3-minute 2D animation will be produced and sent to you for final approval. Once approved, your animation is published and disseminated.

We produce a unique webpage for you within our website library, and the final mp4 file is provided to you for personal direct use. The animation is also published and promoted on all major video streaming networks and social media channels.

It’s as simple as that. On average, the process should take no longer than 2 hour of your time over a period of 4–6 weeks.


You do not need to look far to see humanity is currently on information overload. We live increasingly fast-paced lives, with so much more information to process, and our attention spans have become shorter. SciTube corroborates this phenomenon; we embody the YouTube generation and the way the modern world loves to learn at pace and learn while multitasking.

Our team will create a 2D animation summarising your research, aimed to reach a broad audience with various levels of understanding. Our dissemination team publish and promote each animation to an audience of 40,000 monthly website visitors. We also disseminate through all leading video networks including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few. Watch the example below:


If you want to go beyond your usual publishing channels and reach a broad and diverse audience, then SciTube is for you.