Recognise and reward your reviewers


Subscribing to our Basic, Plus, and Premium plans means you automatically recognise your reviewers for each confirmed review. Subscribing to our Plus and Premium plans means that you can reward your reviewers with tangible ​ReviewerCredits (RCs).

Our system provides a trusted mechanism for peer-review requests coming into your journal. Reviewers know that by using ReviewerCredits, they will get credits convertible into tangible rewards. Each RC is equivalent to 10 EUR and allows reviewers to redeem credits in our Reward Center against publishing discounts, editorial and translation services, subscriptions, training courses, conference attendance, and more. These rewards are provided with exclusive discounts from our partners.


On a free Basic plan, no RCs are assigned to your peer reviewers, but their efforts are automatically recognised and are fed into their RCI and performance metrics.


Journals registered with our PLUS subscription plan can reward their reviewers with up to 4 ReviewerCredits (1 RC is equivalent to 10 EUR) for each review.


Journals registered with our PREMIUM subscription plan can reward their reviewers with up to 6 RCs for each review.