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Performing peer reviews is a service for the academic community and is crucial for the advancement of science. It is properly perceived as a moral duty, because it is the only way “good science” is recognised and published.

However, an accurate and thoughtful peer review is a demanding job. It requires time, competence, other than honesty and passion. There is no reason why the activity as peer reviewer should not be part of each individual resume.

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Enter the information required (journal name, editor’s name and email, manuscript ID). You can only register peer reviews completed in the last 12 months | Why don’t we accept  the “thank you” email as a proof

Step 3

We will contact the Journal office or Handling editor to confirm your review. Our database includes all the journals indexed in “Scopus” and/or with a profile on our website. If you cannot find the journal you reviewed for let us know: we will contact the journal and add it to our database.

Step 4

Follow the progress of your claim from your “My home” page.