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The recruitment of reviewers

The recruitment of reviewers is made on the basis of their established skills in the field starting from their publications and the parallel availability of them who are often unpaid and in any case take away time from their main research and/or teaching activities within the respective research institutes. A successful review process, and therefore a careful choice of reviewers, is in fact in the Editor’s interest to give credit to the journal’s reliability. Editors therefore have a particular interest in recruiting scholars when they have overseen the publications of their work or if the scholar is among those hoping to submit their work for publication by that editor in the future. To the advantage of the recruiter, many of the potential reviewers are therefore authors and/or readers who are aware that an efficient and reliable publication system requires expert review. Scholarship institutions likewise tend to seek auditors from among those they have funded or are funding.

Another difficulty faced by peer review organizers is that, with respect to certain works or proposals, there may be few scholars who truly qualify as experts. This circumstance often makes it vain to maintain the anonymity of auditors or avoid conflict of interest. It also increases the chances that an organizer will not be able to recruit real experts – people who have had similar jobs under review, and who can read between the lines. Low-ranking journals and small-funding institutions find it particularly difficult to recruit experts. Finally, the anonymity of the chosen reviewers adds a further difficulty to the search for reviewers.


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