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Great science requires inspiration, expertise and style.

Great stories deserves nothing less.

SciencePOD creates summarised digital stories, based on scientific and clinical research evidence, for educational, informational and marketing purposes.

Amplify the impact of your research

To help raise the profile of research studies and amplify their impact, we deliver summarised highlights of research papers in the following formats:

    - Plain language summaries
    - Infographic abstracts
    - Q&A interviews
    - Podcast interviews
    - Video interviews
    - Social media stories
    - Video summaries(webinars or conference presentations)
    - AI summarisation of research papers

What makes our stories more impactful?

Each story is specifically designed to be clear, concise and compelling. Low-cost alternative will never be as impactful as stories created by the professional science writers, editors and multimedia producers in the 600-strong SciencePOD community.

Their expertise spans the entire gamut of scientific, medical and technological disciplines. Their are uniquely skilled at telling the story of research in a way that you cannot. Each piece is also subject to a series of rigorous quality checks through our cloud-based platform to guarantee quick turnaround time. In shory, SciencePOD provides quality content for your peace of mind.

Next generation AI-services

Recently, we enriched our platform with an AI summarisation solution, using a natural language processing approach to preserve the integrity of the key findings extracted from the source document. The AI Services are available from ScioWire, a solution that offers on-demand summarisation and custom newsfeeds made up of summaries of the latest open-access research.

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