Why sponsoring ReviewerCredits?

 The debate on peer review recognition is extremely actual in the scientific community. Opinion leders emphasize the key role of good quality peer review for publication of reliable and impacting research, but that this will be hardly achievable without an efficient system for rewarding reviewers. Show the involvement of your company/institution is on the side of scientist is supporting this paradigm shift!

As a sponsor of ReviewerCredits the name and Logo of your company will be showcased, under the statement “sponsored by…” in the following material:

  • Selected pages of our website
  • Printed material which we produce (flyers, booklets)
  • First and last slides of our presentations/webinars
  • Newsletters sent to our members.

This material will be seen by thousands of scientists and editors, active in all science fields worldwide. Our visitors represent a very qualified population of research stakeholders!

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship agreement will be regulated by a specific contract. ReviewerCredits will review and accept all sponsorship proposals. We reserve the right to accept/deny proposals at our own discretion and we reserve the right to cancel any sponsorship at any time. Sponsorship is not exclusive and ReviewerCredits will act in full autonomy and without interference from the sponsor.

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