Frequently Asked Questions for Peer Reviewers and Journals

What is ReviewerCredits? is an innovative and independent platform supporting the peer review process by validating and certifying activities, providing tangible rewards.  Reviewers can earn redeemable credits for the reviews performed and receive a Reviewer Index. This Index reflects their activity as a reviewer.

Why Should I Join ReviewerCredits?

Peer reviewing is a very demanding and time consuming activity, but it is often under recognized. will help Reviewers receive recognition for their activity and in the process earn tangible rewards.

What is Reviewer Index?

At we have decided to create our own metric to appraise and measure the work of reviewers. Every time you perform a review, upon verification with the Journal, you will receive an academic score to create your reviewer Index. The higher the Index, the more important is your activity as a reviewer. This Index can be used to demonstrate your involvement as a reviewer in the research community. You can also add into your resume the details of all the reviews you performed by downloading a full scale certificate. The verification process of peer-reviews is key to create a reviewer Index that is certified and reliable.

How do I earn credits?

After completing the review of a manuscript, log on to and enter the required details (the Journal’s name, the editorial office email, manuscript number, date review completed). No confidential information is required or disclosed. After receiving a claim, we ask confirmation to the Journal’s editor and, once confirmation is received,  we will add the credits to your personal area. Depending on the Journal profile on, your credits may vary. You also earn credits if you invite a colleague to join

What can I do with my credits?

Your credits entitle you to access selected products in our online Reward Center. The store includes different items, ranging from discounted article processing charges to online courses.

What is the value of the certificate?

The certificate is proof of your activity as a peer reviewer. So far, there is no visibility of this activity, so it is a huge step towards reviewer recognition. You can use it to prove your certified activity as reviewer in your CV or share it on your personal or institutional websites.

What is the difference between reviewer "points" and reviewer "credits"?

Reviewer “points" are earned exclusively to increase your reviewer Index. For each review performed, you earn one point. The reviewer Index is an indicator of your activity as a reviewer. A higher reviewer Index reflects a higher involvement in the review activity. It has a lot of value academically and for your resume.
Reviewer “credits" are earned through performing activities and act as a virtual coin.

What is a "reviewer claim"?

A review claim is the form you have to fill every time you perform a review to increase your reviewer Index and earn your credits. A claim requires the Journal’s name, editorial office email, manuscript number, date review completed.

Why do you have to contact the Journal?

A verification is performed with the Journal’s editor to verify that the review was actually performed. This step is essential to have a certified reviewer Index. See why we do not accept a “Thank you” email

Where can I find the email address of the editorial office?

This may vary from Journal to Journal, but here are a few tips:

  1. Open the email the Journal sent youto invite you to the peer review or to thank you
  2. Hit the "Reply" button
  3. Copy the address that appears in the address bar
  4. Paste the address in the "Editorial office email" field
  5. Discard the draft
Which information do you share with the editorial office?

To verify that the peer review was effectively performed according to the claim, you will be asked to provide the Journal’s name, the editorial office email, manuscript number, date review completed. The Journal’s editorial office will be contacted to verify that this information is correct.

Which information will be made public on the website?

The visibility of your profile page is up to you and you can change this in your profile page.
If you choose a public profile: your reviewer Index and the total number of credits will be displayed
If you choose a private profileno information will be made public, neither for the reviewer Index, nor for the number of credits
In no case is sensitive information relative to the manuscript or the peer review displayed.

What is the timeframe to claim credits for reviews I have performed?

At this stage, only the reviews performed in the last 24 months can be certified through our website.

Can I claim credits for reviews I have performed before signing up with ReviewerCredits?

Yes, you can claim reviews performed in the last 24 months, even before you joined

What is the difference between and other services for peer reviewers? attributes an index and assigns virtual credits only after receiving a confirmation from the Journal’s editorial office. The robust certification process is unique and makes different from other service.

Is there any fee to join ReviewerCredits?

Creating a profile on is free and, as a reviewer, you can freely use the website and customize your profile page to gain visibility within your community. You can log in with ORCID ID, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google accounts.

How long does it take to have a claim confirmed?

Claims are usually processed within 24 hours. This is the timeframe we contact the editorial office. The editorial office confirmation varies, as some Journals reply immediately and some other tend to be a bit slower. We send weekly reminders, however, once you have entered your claim, you could take an active part and contact the Journal office alerting them of our incoming request. 

In case the Journal you reviewed for uses our plugins, your claim is automatically confirmed and you will not need to enter any review information at all.

What do the statuses mean?

Pending: this status identifies a new claim
Requested: this status identifies claims sent to the Journal office
Confirmed: this status identifies confirmed peer review

Why does my claim's status remain as "requested"?

"Requested" means that we have contacted the Journal's editorial office to request a confirmation for your review but have not yet received a response. We encourage you to contact the editor directly and request approval of your claim.

Why don't you request/accept "thank you" emails as a proof?

We are very strict on the reasons why we confirm each review claim. To find out more, please read here

I would like to claim a review for a Journal which is not present in your database. What should I do?

Our database includes all Journals indexed in "Scopus" and/or who signed up to
In order not to miss any review from your activity, we suggest that you contact the editorial office of this Journal and ask them register a free plan on ReviewerCredits. In this way you will be able to fill claims also for this Journal. You can also contact us and we will help you to solve the issue.

Can your credits be converted into Continuous Medical Education (CME)?

No, ReviewerCredits credits cannot be converted to CME credits. We are currently working on alliances to develop the possibility of converting credits to CME credits.

Who funds ReviewerCredits?

ReviewerCredits is an independent company, spin off of University Milan-Bicocca. Our business model is based on freemium and paid subscription for Publishers and Journals, thus reviewers subscription is free.

What is ReviewerCredits?

ReviewerCredits is an innovative and independent platform supporting the peer review process by validating and certifying activities, providing tangible rewards. Reviewers can earn redeemable credits for the reviews performed and receive a Reviewer Index. This Index reflects their activity as a reviewer.

What are the advantages of creating a "Journal profile" on our website?

Having a profile on will increase your visibility as a Journal and strengthen the credibility of your peer review process. A basic profile is available for free for any Journal, but we also have Plus and Premium Plan, offering additional functionalities.

Is there a fee to open a profile on ReviewerCredits?

No, any Journal can join’s free profiles. This will allow their reviewers to build their reviewer reputation and start earning credits. Additional paid plans have been created, targeting more specifically to Journal’s needs. To find out more about our paid plans, please contact us

Why are we receiving emails from

The emails are generated from our website once one viewer– registered on -  enters a claim to completed peer review performed for your Journal. They supplied your email in the claim process. The purpose of our email is to verify that the peer-review was actually performed. We do not accept a publisher’ “Thank you“ email, but confirm each single claim individually. For more info, please have a look to our policy page.

Where do you get the data concerning the peer reviews performed for our Journal?

All information, including the Editorial Office email address is provided directly by reviewers when filing a peer review claim on’s platform. Your confirmation will help them to increase their reviewer Index and to earn redeemable credits. If your Journal is linked to through our free APIs, then all information is transferred automatically and validation is in real time.

Is peer review information made public?

No, the information provided by the reviewers to claim a review is only used to verify the claims with the Editorial Office. It is not made public on the website nor shared with third parties.

What are reviewer credits?

Reviewer credits (RC), which is where our name stems from, are a virtual coin which reviewers earn through completing peer reviews. Depending on the Journal’s profile with the number of credits varies. RC can be used in online Reward Center. If you are interested to be included in our online store please contact us

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