Are you connected to ORCID to be able to transfer my reviews from ORCID to ReviewerCredits? YES!

This question has been asked by many in the past few months and we now have the answer.

We have worked hard to offer you this important new feature in a short time.

Starting from today our registered reviewers can synchronize reviews between their ORCID and ReviewerCredits profiles. This means that it is possible to import reviews from ORCID to ReviewerCredits and export them from ReviewerCredits to ORCID.

Reviews imported from ORCID will be included in your certificate issued by ReviewerCredits.

For those who do not yet have a profile on ORCID, creating it is very easy and offers a series of advantages that we invite you to explore. Once your profile on ORCID has been activated, simply associate it with that on ReviewerCredits by clicking on the ‘Connect to ORCID’ button in your account or by signing in with your ORCID iD.

We pre-announced this new feature to our ambassadors while it was still in beta-version, getting a lot of positive feedback.

Some useful information to make the most of synchronization:

– only peer review data labelled in ORCID as visible to ‘Everyone’ or ‘Trusted parties’ will be imported. Peer reviews with visibility set to ‘Only me’ will NOT be imported.

– the reviews imported from ORCID will increase your Registered Peer Reviews, but you will not earn credits from them since the source of the data can’t be verified by us (see image below).

Currently,  more than 4.600 reviews have already been imported from ORCID, and this represents the first confirmation of how useful and advantageous this feature is for our users, which consolidates our membership to ORCID.

If you haven’t already done so, start synchronizing your reviews now in 3 steps:

  1. Login to your ReviewerCredits account
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. Click on Synchronize Reviews with ORCID