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Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Pierre Oudot hospital center
Université Claude Bernard (Lyon I)
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Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
World congress of SIVA-TCI08/2018MalaysiaEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
09/2020FranceEmmanuel BoselliFrench
SMART Meeting05/2019ItalyAnaphylaxis in anesthesiaEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
SMART Meeting05/2019ItalyAnesthesia and postoperative managementEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
Postoperative pain control03/2018PortugalPostoperative pain controlEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
Novamedica06/2018FranceEmmanuel BoselliFrench
Novamedica06/2018FranceHypnose intégrée au parcours de soinsEmmanuel BoselliFrench
NAVAt09/2015BelgiumEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
Euroanaesthesia 201706/2017SwitzerlandMonitoring of intraoperative eventsEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
Euroanaesthesia06/2018DenmarkEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
Euroanaesthesia06/2019AustriaUltrasound for regional anaesthesiaEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
05/2018AlgeriaBlocs du membre supérieurEmmanuel BoselliFrench
03/2018PortugalA year in review in AnesthesiologyEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
02/2017SwitzerlandEmmanuel BoselliFrench
Asian Hypnosis Congress10/2019IranEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
11/2018FranceBlocs pour chirurgie carotidienneEmmanuel BoselliFrench
01/2019FranceAdjuvants en ALR : lesquels, comment ?Emmanuel BoselliFrench
09/2017TaiwanEmmanuel BoselliEnglish
10e forum de la CFHTB05/2017FranceTonus parasympathiqueEmmanuel BoselliFrench
Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
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