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Ruth Mujica is Venezuelan and has been living in the Middle East since 2011. She studied Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering. Ruth has a master’s degree in University Teaching and a master’s degree in Software Engineering, University Teaching Specialization, Doctorate in Educational Technology, and Post-doctorate in Science. Ruth is the Chief Director of the Docentes 2.0 Magazines of Grupo Docentes 2.0 C.A. She is the National Ambassador of Venezuela, recognized by ReviewerCredits, with the mission of collaborating in favor of improvement, recognition, and certification of the referees of scientific journals worldwide in the peer-review process. And Latin American Ambassador for Educational Technology was recognized by the Mar de Cortés University Center; she is currently ranked #4 in ReviewerCredits International Reviewer. She has to date a little more than 2100 technological-educational articles of her authorship, 54 publications in an indexed journal, 4 published books, and reviewed more than 230 scientific articles in the process by peers. She is recognized as a tenacious, visionary researcher and deeply committed to education for life. She points out that it is pertinent to remember that "Education must begin in the family, continue in school and consolidate throughout life."
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05/2021MexicoRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
02/2021ColombiaRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
01/2021PanamaRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
12/2020PanamaRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
11/2020MexicoRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
11/2020MexicoRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
11/2020PanamaRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
10/2020El SalvadorRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
10/2020EcuadorRuth M. Mujica S.English
09/2020PanamaRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
09/2020ColombiaRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
09/2020Costa RicaRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
08/2020VenezuelaRuth M. Marina Mujica S.Spanish
08/2020United StatesOrganizadora del CIVTACRuth M. Mujica S.Spanish
07/2020VenezuelaRuth M. Marina Mujica S.Spanish
07/2020BoliviaRuth M. Marina Mujica S.Spanish
06/2020ColombiaRuth M. Marina Mujica S.Spanish
Evaluación Soportada en el Uso de TIC06/2020ColombiaRuth M. Marina Mujica S.Spanish
05/2020ColombiaRuth M. Marina Mujica S.Spanish
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"Revista Tecnológica-Educativa Docentes 2 0" [2665-0266] : 60 peer reviews;

Year 2022
"Revista Tecnológica-Educativa Docentes 2 0" [2665-0266] : 42 peer reviews;

Year 2021
"Revista Tecnológica-Educativa Docentes 2 0" [2665-0266] : 59 peer reviews;

Year 2020
"Revista Tecnológica-Educativa Docentes 2 0" [2665-0266] : 66 peer reviews;

Year 2019
"Revista Tecnológica-Educativa Docentes 2 0" [2665-0266] : 37 peer reviews;