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Critical Care and Intensive Care Medicine
Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Pathophysiology
University of Milan
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Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
SMART Meeting05/2012ItalyThomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2013ItalyThomas LangerEnglish
08/2013HungaryThomas LangerEnglish
SMART Meeting05/2014ItalyThomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2015ItalyThomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2015ItalyThomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2016ItalyBuffer power and hypercapnia.Thomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2017ItalyI know the SID, what do I do with it?Thomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2017ItalyIs it convenient to correct pH?Thomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2017ItalyThomas LangerItalian
Congresso Sicurezza in Anestesia (SIA)12/2017ItalyThomas LangerItalian
10/2018BelgiumAwake ECMOThomas LangerEnglish
Congresso nazionale SIAARTI10/2018ItalyThomas LangerItalian
Understanding Acid-Base and Beyond11/2018NetherlandsThomas LangerEnglish
Understanding Acid-Base and Beyond11/2018NetherlandsModule 1: The BasicsThomas LangerEnglish
Understanding Acid-Base and Beyond11/2018NetherlandsClinical Cases to warm you upThomas LangerEnglish
Understanding Acid-Base and Beyond11/2018NetherlandsAcid-Base Module 2: In depth analysisThomas LangerEnglish
01/2019ItalyThomas LangerItalian
SMART Meeting05/2019ItalyThomas LangerEnglish
Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
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