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Biotechnology, Complementary and alternative medicine
Nirma University
Institute of Science

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Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
02/2021WebinarVijay KothariEnglish
10/2020IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
SITARE BIIS webinar: 202006/2020IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
09/2019IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
11/2017IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
Tadvidya Sambhasha11/2017IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
10/2017IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
02/2017IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
Tadvidya Sambhasha10/2016IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
06/2016IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
10/2015IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
07/2015IndiaVijay KothariEnglish
Asian Plant Science Conference11/2014NepalVijay KothariEnglish
Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
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Year 2023
"Unknown Journal": 2 peer reviews;
"Drug Target Insights": 5 peer reviews;

Year 2022
"Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology": 1 peer review;
"Drug Target Insights": 3 peer reviews;
"Scientific Reports": 1 peer review;

Year 2021
"Applied Acoustics": 1 peer review;
"Current Pharmaceutical Design": 1 peer review;
"Future Microbiology": 2 peer reviews;
"Frontiers in Pharmacology": 5 peer reviews;
"Scientific Reports": 1 peer review;
"Open Forum Infectious Diseases": 1 peer review;

Year 2019
"F1000Research": 1 peer review;

Year 2018
"Chiang Mai Journal of Science": 1 peer review;
"Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems": 1 peer review;

Year 2017
"Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine": 1 peer review;
"TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry": 1 peer review;
"PeerJ": 1 peer review;