Event info
Type: Webinar
When: July 15, 2020 | 17.00-18.00 (CET)


Ana MarusicAna Marušić

Department of Research in Biomedicine in Health,
University of Split School of Medicine, Split, Croatia
ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6272-0917


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Since the 18th century, peer-review has been the main process by which the quality of research is judged. In general, the most respected research findings are those that are known to have faced peer-review. Peer-review is not flawless, and its efficacy in assuring quality is not clear-cut but, quoting Winston Churchill, it is considered the best system we have come up with so far for evaluating research.

Integrity is one of the most frequent terms used association with peer-review, and it covers many aspects of the process, from accountability to ethics.

During this webinar, Prof. Marušić will discuss the importance of integrity in peer-review and how this concept needs to be constantly stimulated. This interactive training session is focused on building responsibility and integrity using the Peer-Review Card Exchange Game, part of the peer-review school organized by PEERE New Frontiers of Peer-Review, in collaboration with EASE, The European Association of Science Editors.

Find out how simple, yet ambiguous, concepts can stimulate critical assessment and questioning by the participants with the purpose to address responsible peer-review.