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Thousands of editors worldwide use ​ReviewerCredits to recognise and reward their peer reviewers. They also use ReviewerCredits to access and engage the global community of certified reviewers who have proven expertise. ReviewerCredits provides the fastest route to quality peer reviewing, will raise the credibility of your journal, and improve the quality of your publications. Let’s have a look at offer to Journals

Recognise and reward your peer reviewers

Recognise and reward your peer reviewers for their motivation and engagement to improve quality and avoid publishing delays. Subscribed journals can grant peer reviewers with ReviewerCredits for completed article, monograph, and conference paper reviews. These credits are easily redeemable in our Reward Center against publishing discounts, editorial and translation services, statistical and article development services, post-publication products, subscriptions, training courses, conference registration fees, and more. By joining ReviewerCredits, you automatically be able to recognise your reviewers via trusted academic activity and expertise metrics, and can identify and reward the best performers.

Engage best-fit peer reviewers

Manage all your peer reviewers in one place and access the first diversified global community of certified reviewers to find and engage best-fit candidates who have proven expertise. Protect the integrity of your peer reviews via our biometric and academic verification of active reviewers.

Customize your search preferences to increase acceptance rates, speed up the publishing cycle, and diversify your reviewer pool on the basis of a wide range of parameters, including reviewer gender, location, experience, performance metrics, availability, and more.

Improve publication quality

Keep track of your reviewer performance and progress in real-time with our suite of clear, easy-to-understand metrics and reports all on one dashboard. This allows you to control the quality of your peer review process and publications.

Ensure objective and independent expert peer reviewing via measurable metrics based on reviewed and published manuscripts, our unique Reviewer Contribution Index (RCI), journal rankings, article citations, scientific impact, enrolled training courses, and more.

Get trusted certification

Ensure the sustainability of your peer review process with our trusted certification based on activity over the years. We also provide clear metrics to increase the visibility and credibility of your journal, and build your reputation based on a fast decision-making and publication process to maintain a steady manuscript flow.

Start using our recognised quality certification standards to ensure the integrity and sustainability of a quality publishing.

Save time with seamless integrations

Transfer your historical and new peer review data automatically from your submission management system via seamless API integrations available for Editorial Manager, OJS, Arpha by Pensoft, Crossref platforms, and more. You can also use manual CSV uploads.

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