Make your Journals and peer reviewers part of a system

Become a full-fledged ReviewerCredits partner subscribing your Journal publications. As Publisher all your Journals will be added to the platform and be available to reviewers for their claims.
This represents first of all an additional way of making the reviewers feel part of a system which, for their experience and dedication, offers the same advantages for all the Journals of the same Publisher. Consolidate the identity of reviewers, officially make them part of a network, of your network: by partnering with ReviewerCredits you will be the one to offer a service to your collaborators.

Why Join Publishers?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and plugins are free available to allow smooth dataflows, with great benefits in terms of scalabilty, operational time and reduction of human errors. The automated transfer of peer review data from your Journals to our database enable a seamless experience to your reviewers.

It is possible that one or some of your Journals are already in our database because they are probably already being required by referees for their claims, even if there is not yet a partnership between us. If your Journals are indexed among the over 25 thousand peer reviewed Journals of Scopus database, they will be displayed in our platform too. But now, take a step towards the reviewers who have collaborated with your publications, register and allow them to fully enjoy the benefits to get recognition for their work: the same advantages for all the Journals of the same Publisher.

New function for a Publisher to connect with its Journals

ReviewerCredits has introduced a new function that allows a Publisher to connect with its own Journals.
Each Publisher can now create its personal profile page and then send a request to each single Journal to connect with them. This will allow both the Publisher and the Journals to create a better-structured network as well as gain more visibility.
If the Journals have not been registered on ReviewerCredits yet, the Publisher may also create a profile page for all its Journals in one single operation through filling a standard format downloadable from the same page and then uploading it. ReviewerCredits will then be in charge of checking the information and opening a new account for the Journals.


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Make your Journals and peer reviewers part of a system