Why we do not accept the "thank you" mails


There are several reasons why we do not accept the “thank you” mail that Journals send, to peer reviewers, upon submission of a peer review as a proof it has effectively been performed.

The first reason is that the “thank you” mail is a simple text email, and can be easily edited, changing date, name of the Journal and the manuscript ID. We are looking for a real, strong certification of peer reviewers activity, therefore we cannot accept something so easily manipulated.

Another reason is that we are very respectful of the privacy of peer reviewers, especially in the cases of single-blind peer review. The “thank you” mail usually contains the name of the Authors and the title of the manuscript reviewed. This is unacceptable to us. When filling a claim on ReviewerCredits.com, reviewers are only asked to indicate the manucript ID, and not the title.

The last reason is that we aim to achieve an active involvement of Journals in the process of certification of the work scientists do for free, and that is the only way Journals can be published!


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