Diversify your peer reviewer pool

There is no doubt that equal access to the opportunity to review has become of crucial importance. Diverse voices, opinions and perspectives have a profoundly positive impact on the peer review process, protect against biases, lead to scientific rigor and integrity. By diversifying a Journal’s reviewer pool:

  • reviewing workload is better distributed
  • reviewers may become more willing to accept invitations and to deliver reviews much faster

As Diversity means first of all Gender balance, we offer our Plus and Premium Journals to publicly show the percentage of Women and Men included in the reviewer pool:

In order to enlight the “researcher status” of peer reviewers, a Plus/Premium Journal could show the percentage of their peer reviewers registered with an ORCID iD:


Finally, a relevant dimension of diversity and inclusion is surely the regional distribution of peer reviewers. We often observe an imbalance in the regional distribution of the peer review burden, which is currently borne by a small pool of reviewers, leading to increased difficulty for editors in finding available reviewers.

The Regional Distribution Map is updated in real-time and displays the active reviewers of our Plus/Premium Journals. By enlarging the map, you can focus on a specific area and get info about each reviewer, such as his/her topic, city, and number of Registered Peer Reviews.

Reviewer Regional Ditribution

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